‘Walker is worth £50m, Valencia is £80m min’ – Manchester United Fans Tear City Apart On Twitter

Manchester City might have broken a transfer record by purchasing one of Tottenham’s better players but it isn’t for Harry Kane or Dele Alli. They have actually spent £45million (plus add-ons) on the 27-year-old Kyle Walker, a player that many suggest, does not know how to cross a ball properly.

When compared to the spending that we have done over the years, clubs and fans have mocked us but more often than not, our players turn out well, maybe Angel Di Maria being an exception. The funny aspect of this transfer is that City made a similar deal for John Stones last season too and that didn’t work out too well either.

We might have only signed Romelu Lukaku and Victor Lindelof but there will be much bigger names coming in before the end of the season. While Jose Mourinho plots his next transfer target, our fans did have a pot at some of those City fans celebrating the capture of Walker.