Food For Thought: 3 Reasons Why Manchester United Are Perfectly Ready For This Season


It is not very oft that you get to title an article such as the above if you’ve been a disappointed die-hard junkie of the club you’ve literally grown up watching play the way they’ve been lately. For three consecutive years, Manchester United fans have had a rough patch just like how puberty hits an adolescent. This phase seems to have passed and thus this byline has surfaced. But if you’re not a fan or a supporter of the Red Devils whatsoever, I assume it’d be safe to call you an optimist (read: realist) to have won your attention by the caption. Kindly, read and take note of what’s set to happen in the current season as Mourinho’s men look ready to pass each and every fixture with ease and class.

As an avid football fanatic and follower of massive media frenzy of journalists/publicists/agents involved in one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, I would like to declare the three main reasons due to which Manchester United are in solid shape for the 2016-’17 season of the Premier League. In fact, they are perfectly ready and so is the former coach of arch-rival Chelsea, now transformed into Old Trafford’s best hope of reinstating Manchester United’s supremacy in European football as the new ‘chosen one’ for the Glazer family that houses million others around the world supporting the Red Devils through thick and thin.

3 Reasons That Show United Are Perfectly Ready To Take On The New Season Head-On:

  • Jose ‘Special One’ Mourinho Finally Takes Over Control Of A Special Club

    After seeing repeated failures for three seasons, Manchester United paid heavy prices for mistakes made by managers David Moyes and LVG who failed to achieve set objectives by the Board of an elite club such as ours. In what is best described as a botched succession, Jose Mourinho, although didn’t stand out to be all that special as is expected of him, he sure realized what a special club he needs in order to be proven as a real special talent. Everybody hopes of a great United run under Mourinho since he is a successful and a hugely popular character in European football. If he lives upto what he promises and what is expected of him, Manchester United is sure to be champions this year. All the trouble in the recent past would be quickly forgotten as soon as Mourinho starts delivering which he already has and at a rapid rate too. He has made a smashing impact by signing a crowd-pleaser in Zlatan Ibrahimovic, an important signing in Bailly, a good transfer move in Mkhitaryan and a blockbuster record move for bringing in our lost hero Paul Pogba. He is definitely the backbone reason behind United’s already-begun success this season as they prep-up in full swing to look perfectly ready for facing all the opponents.

  • Focus On Winning The PL As There Is No UEFA Champions League Involvement This Season

    With only PL action as top priority and an important Europa League (2nd tier of European Championships) as the major trophies lined up for Mourinho to target, United’s assault as title contenders is firm and resolute. The plans are concrete and the objective is simple: To Win and Advance! This season under Mourinho, there exists an inherent commitment to winning games and improve on the sterility of the past couple of seasons, courtesy of Moyes and Van Gaal. Some credit goes out to Van Gaal for winning us the FA Cup and also readying young guns Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, both of which would be ideal in providing the brutal strike force Mourinho would expect of them. The team’s attitude is going to be a key deciding factor as to what they win and how they win it. If Europa takes more focus than the PL at a crucial juncture, it might halt United’s domestic goals. Although, the two-time Champions League winner with two different country clubs knows what to focus on when it is required.

United signings

  • The Signing Of Match-Winning Crowd Sensation To Get Desired Results

    Most importantly, there is a roster of performers not many teams can boast of at present. Mourinho must avail the quality at offer from 89 million pounds super star Pogba, legendary figure of Ibrahimovic, Captain Wayne ‘Wazza’ Rooney’s heroics, Mkhitaryan’s sensible contributions, Rashford and Martial’s striking consistency and panache along side some midfield and defensive prowess from equal ranks. So what if Bastian Schweinsteiger is going to be rested out. Imagine what might be in store when a world-cup winning leader is left out of the squad. There is also news of United’s best man forward’s return from Fenerbache FC as talisman RVP could make an appearance. With all these promising talents and more scouting details, Manchester United cannot afford to look ordinary and be less than fantastic or incredible. Such performers who are at the peak of their careers if given to Mourinho’s behest, some collateral damage in the English PL seems rather imminent. There cannot be a better story written going forward in the league.

Citing these three pivotal reasons, the odds are that the title will return to the Theatre of Dreams and in a way most people would call ‘fairy-tale’ ‘epic’ or ‘historical’. But there are other challengers as well which seem equally loaded with talent and potential. Not to forget the defending English champions Ranieri’s men at Leicester who might be equipped with some newfound confidence ahead of their Champions League debut.

Although Mourinho’s ostensible target may just be to return United to the Champions League, something Van Gaal failed to accomplish. Mourinho wouldn’t settle for anything less stylish than a second or a third place. As the world knows him and the freakishly arrogant standards he sets for himself at times, languishing behind in the fourth spot or falling short altogether would not only be ordinary but would bring extensive bad-mouthing and insult to an illustrious coaching career otherwise. Never mind the last three years, they are fading memories already. This season United will be resuming their designs on the title on demand and as they like.

Until later, there exists a Special One at a Special Club.
No brownie points for guessing! -teehee-


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