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Report: Man United experience a staggering £143m fall in valuation



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Manchester United experience a £143m fall in valuation

According to the latest club valuations released by Brand Finance Review, Manchester United have experienced a staggering £143m fall in value.

We still occupy the top position among English clubs. However the fall has seen the likes of Liverpool close the gap on us. The Merseysiders boosted by their Premier League win saw a £64.3m rise in value. This cuts our lead to just £57m.

United, who are valued at £1.190billion, are the world’s third-biggest football brand. The only teams ahead of us are Spanish superclubs Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Manchester United have experienced a staggering £143million fall in value
Manchester United have experienced a £143m fall in value

The top of the table is dominated by the Premier League with six clubs in the top ten list. Liverpool occupies the fourth spot while Manchester City are just below in fifth.

Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal occupy the 8th,9th and 10th positions respectively.

Of these six, only Liverpool and Spurs improved upon their valuation while the others all experienced significant drops. The biggest loser was Arsenal who saw a £150m drop in valuation.

Liverpool premier League win has seen them clsoe the gap on us to just £57million.
Liverpool are catching up to us

The statistic would be worrying for Arsenal fans considering a lack of European football coming in next season. Thankfully we have qualified for the Champions League after an excellent run of form in the second half of the season.

A return to the lucrative competition will see us benefit financially while also enabling us to strive for success on the pitch.

United will need to dip into the transfer market if we need to close the gap on Liverpool and Manchester City on the pitch. It remains to be seen who we do manage to bring in.

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The coronavirus pandemic has ensured clubs all across the forward suffer financially. A marketing behemoth, United can only sustain their position for so long if there is no success on the pitch to back it up.

New fans tend to associate with success and the club will do well to realize that.