After Sanchez tax fraud saga, another Man United star is under the scanner for £35,000 match-fixing scandal

Ander Herrera

While the Alexis Sanchez tax allegations saga was put to an end with him being handed a 16-month suspended sentence, another Manchester United player is now under the scanner but for a different issue. Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera could appear in court to testify in the judicial hearing for match-fixing allegations that have been levied on him.

The allegation has been going on for a long time now and the scandal has taken a new twist now.

Herrera was a part of the Real Zaragoza XI when it took on Levante back in 2011. The game has been the subject of an extensive and long-running investigation by Spanish authorities. The match ended 2-1 in favour of the relegation-threatened Zaragoza and while the result kept them in La Liga, Deportivo La Coruna were relegated.

Prosecutors in Spain are investigating whether some of the Zaragoza players were party to a deal which allegedly saw cash payments made to Levante players in return for a favourable result.

Numerous players, coaching staff and sporting directors of the two clubs could be investigated to explain why they received two large payments. The amount is reported to be £44,000 and in Herrera’s case, it is said to be £35,000, which he is said to have immediately paid back to the club.

The allegation is that the amount which Herrera returned to the club was then given to Levante. However, Ander issued a statement regarding the same, where he reaffirmed that his hands were clean.

Herrera said (as quoted by Independent),

“As I stated back in 2014 when this issue was raised, I have never had and never will have anything to do with to do with manipulating match results.

“If I am ever called to testify in a judicial hearing, I will be delighted to attend as my conscience is totally clear. I love football and I believe in fair play, both on and off the pitch.”

Deportivo’s spokesman has confirmed that the case had been re-opened after initially being shelved, saying the fresh twist in the case was as a result of an appeal by the club.

Match-fixing in sports is totally unacceptable and any party that is found guilty must be punished accordingly. Knowing the character that Herrera is, I am sure he wouldn’t have been involved in any such activities. He’s a passionate lad, is talented, and chances are less that he’d be proven guilty of match-fixing.

It seems Herrera’s immediate availability for Manchester United will not be affected by this as he only has to appear in court once the date for the same is confirmed. Let’s hope that he keeps his focus on doing his job on the pitch.