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Manchester United bought Ander Herrera in the summer of 2014 from the Spanish side Athletic Bilbao in order to replenish a faltering midfield. Ever since his arrival, the Spaniard has impressed one and all with his energy and nac for goal, even though he took some time to settle in. However, Louis van Gaal has often benched Herrera during his tenure, but the midfielder has almost always impressed, even if he is coming off the bench. Here are three reasons why he should most definitely start more games from now on :

Ander Herrera With Juan Mata

Ander Herrera With Juan Mata

1. Can Fit Perfectly Into LVG’s Formations

The team United fielded away to Everton last week was the perfect team, given the players available. The attack consisted of Martial on the left, Mata on the right, Herrera as a no. 10 and Rooney as the striker upfront. They bombed the Everton defence on several occasions and the 24 year old star came up with a goal and an assist. Under this formation, even if van Gaal is looking for options, he can field Memphis Depay or Ashley Young on the left, or if United are trailing and need physical presence, he can bring on Marouane Fellaini in Herrera’s position, take off one of the two pivots in midfield and slot the Spaniard in there. A player with this level of versatility will be able to do a pretty decent job anywhere in the midfield.

2. Goals, Goals, And Goals

Ander Herrera has scored 8 goals from the 10 shots he has taken in his small Premier League career. If that isn’t one heck of an impressive stat, I don’t know what is. The little Spaniard may not be the most technically brilliant player on the pitch, buy his energy and innate ability to shoot and shoot correctly on almost every occassion makes him a special one. United have been lacking a real goalscoring threat from midfield ever since Paul Scholes retired, and Herrera certainly looks to tick that box. Besides, he is also excellent at taking penalties, and has a really cool head, as was shown in the manner in which he scored the crucial penalty against Liverpool a few weeks back.

3. Passion And Energy

Fans love a player who scores goals and then kisses the crest, and Ander Herrera does that after almost every goal that he scores. The Old Trafford faithful love him for his demeanour and passion for the club, which makes it all the more sensible for United’s Dutch manager to start him, because you know he will give it all for the cause.

Here’s to seeing more of you in the future,Ander!