One year on, Manchester United still unsure over future of once highly-rated England international – Report

Manchester United are still unsure about the future of former star

As reported by ESPN, Manchester United are still unsure over the future of Mason Greenwood. The once highly-rated England international is wanted by a lot of teams but none of them look like home at the moment.

It has been two and a half years since the Greenwood saga began and it’s supposed to be coming to an end this summer. However, new owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is just as unsure about the outcome as the rest of the world.

Man United can keep the player, sell him, or send him out on another loan spell. Selling the 22-year-old would result in pure profit for the team since Greenwood came out of the academy and the team didn’t have to pay for him.

Sending Mason out on loan will lead to more questions during the summer and is probably something Sir Ratcliffe hopes to avoid. Their last option that now remains is to reintegrate Greenwood into the Manchester United squad.

However, that will likely come with a ton of backlash for both the new owners and the player. Despite all charges being dropped, the people still see the 22-year-old as a criminal. The team planned on adding him to the roster back in 2023 but the move was met with a lot of backlash.

Greenwood is a quality player, he has recorded eight goals and five assists for Getafe this season. Moreover, he is only 22 so there is a possibility of Mason being an absolute world-class player in the future.

Where will Manchester United loanee, Mason Greenwood end up this summer?
Where will Manchester United loanee, Mason Greenwood end up this summer? (Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images)

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Man United need to finish what they started and need to decide on the future of Mason Greenwood. Further delays will only harm their relationship and could also have a negative impact on the 22-year-old’s future.