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“Can’t control the destiny”- Simon Jordan rips into Manchester United legend for ownership stance

Simon Jordan rips into Manchester United legend Gary Neville regarding the Glazers

Writing in The Daily Mail, Simon Jordan has not held back in his criticism of Manchester United legend Gary Neville regarding his take on the Glazers’ ownership of the club.

The Americans have never been loved much at Old Trafford and news of them selling the club was met with much enthusiasm. However, that has led nowhere so far and they now look set to stay on as Red Devils’ custodians for the immediate future.

As expected, this has led to much backlash from several quarters, including former players. One of the Glazers’ most vocal detractors is Gary Neville who leaves no stone unturned in his criticism of their leadership.

Simon Jordan rips into Manchester United legend Gary Neville regarding the Glazers.
Manchester United icon Gary Neville is not a fan of the Glazers.

The former Manchester United skipper was at it once again last weekend after the Red Devils fell to Arsenal at The Emirates. Jordan believes Neville is wide off the mark for blaming the Glazers for the performances on the field.

“When Gary Neville dissects a defeat, the conversation is inevitably littered with observations about what the Glazers are doing wrong.”

While Jordan does admit that the ownership model also needs a change, he believes the Americans are not responsible for the failings of others at the club. Surely they cannot be the scapegoats for everything.

“While they make the ultimate appointments, the Glazers don’t control the destiny of what the people they employ are doing.”

Simon Jordan rips into Manchester United legend Gary Neville regarding the Glazers.
The Glazers have few supporters at Manchester United.

Jordan further goes on to add some context to his belief and also addresses several issues in the Manchester United roster. It cannot just be a case of one bad apple spoiling the bunch.

“Then you look at the culture of the club,” he penned. “Everything about it feels wrong to me. The players and their attitude feels wrong, including their captain Bruno Fernandes who is a wonderful footballer but a terrible leader.”

The Americans are by no means model owners and the club could do with better people in charge. But Jordan is right in claiming that several others wearing red get a free pass because of the elephant in the room.

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Jordan is not wide off the mark that Neville uses the Glazers as a cushion to ignore other issues at the club. The Americans need to go but the players on the field and Erik ten Hag on the byline should also take responsibility for insipid performances. It matters for little if Qatar takes over tomorrow only for our attitude to continue stinking on the field.

Neville will do well to call as a spade a spade and not let his blind hatred of one faction cloud his judgement in making well-informed decisions. In the long run, it will only hurt the club if they cut off one poisoned limb while failing to address the poison that’s also in the body.

Written by Pranav Nair

An Engineering postgraduate with a keen interest in statistics, pop culture and football.

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