Jamie Carragher seemingly takes jibe at Gary Neville with ‘bottle jobs’ comment after Manchester United’s loss to Chelsea

Jamie Carragher takes a jibe at former Manchester United skipper, Gary Neville

Jamie Carragher never leaves an oppurtunity to bash Manchester United and last night’s game against Chelsea gave him all the reason in the world to do so. The Red Devils completed their comeback to take a 3-2 lead over the Blues.

However, they once again became complacent and ended up conceding two goals in stoppage time and lost 4-3. Carragher was quick to take to X and called the Red Devils ‘the billion pound bottle jobs’.

This seems to be a jibe at his friend and former Red Devil, Gary Neville. The former Manchester United player also routinely bashes Chelsea on air, but was unfortunately on the receiving end of the banter from last night.

Neville has also used the same remark for Chelsea in the past and consistently calls them ‘bottle jobs’. Little did the former Red Devil know that Manchester United are capable of throwing a game with 3 minutes left in stoppage time.

There really is no defending Erik ten Hag and his team for how they lost the game last night. The team put up an admirable effort to come back from 2-0. However, their carelessness got the better of them and they lost all three points.

Manchester United have now dropped five points within the last five days. What was supposed to be a second half comeback for the team this season is slowly turning into more of an embarassment.

One could argue that Manchester United lost against Chelsea due to bad luck alone.
One could argue that Manchester United lost against Chelsea due to bad luck alone.

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If Erik ten Hag can’t turn the situation around and win all of his remaining games, Gary Neville will continue to be on the receiving end of banter from Jamie Carragher.

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