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Can Immensely Expensive Rasmus Hojlund Solve Manchester United’s Issues?

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag is buoyed by the comeback win against Brentford on Saturday.
Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag is buoyed by the comeback win against Brentford on Saturday. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Rasmus Hojlund will fly to Manchester on Tuesday undergo a medical ahead of the Manchester United move.
Rasmus Hojlund will fly to Manchester on Tuesday undergo a medical ahead of the Manchester United move. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Eric Ten Hag and the club’s managers decided to bring in young talent: Hojlund Rasmus. Is this guy capable of satisfying current team needs? We’ll try to figure it out on this page.

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Who is Rasmus Hojlund?

Rasmus Hojlund is a prominent forward coming from Denmark. The player is super young, just 20 years old. But even at this age, he stood out and joined the Atlanta club and Denmark National Team.

Atlanta was Rasmus’s first club after graduating from Copenhagen’s youth academy. And by the way, he has shown some great results there. As a beginner, he scored 12 goals in just 21 appearances.

What’s also remarkable about the future Manchester player is his participation in the youth international football for Denmark. He was competing in the under-16 to under-21 level. This has also shaped his team play and learning from trainer skills.

Speaking about Hojlund’s personal traits, we can discover more of these from his Sturm Graz trainer, Christian Ilzer. Although Ilzer didn’t work much with Rasmus, he says that he was impressed by his striking abilities.

“Hojlund has always been a self-confident boy,” the trainer says. This is a fundamental trait for a playmaker. It allows them to find that inner strength to make extraordinary moves. Moreover, Ilzers stated that his confidence transitions into cockyness. And that’s even good for that kind of player. However, ego might be a handicap that doesn’t enable players to set perfect attacks.

But there is a high chance that Rasmus won’t let it happen. It seems like his football intelligence holds a plank too. This means the guy probably won’t make strategically incorrect plays when he sees them.

Ten Hag’s Attitude Towards Rasmus

Ten Hag is known for revealing players’ potential. We could see that with Marcus Rashford, who started to show impressive results after his time with Hag. Therefore it is obvious that the trainer has big plans for Rasmus too.

Considering the traits mentioned previously, Hojlun has a massive potential to unfold. Still, he is facing a challenging task. He is just 20 years old and has to stand in the United’s forward line. That’s what many, much more experienced players couldn’t do successfully.

What Are Manchester’s Issues

Currently, Manchester is lacking an attacking force. Their only prominent player in this regard is Rashford we’ve just talked about; he scored 30 last season. While a player with the closest accomplishments to his is Bruno Fernandes, with just 14 goals. Next, we have Anthony Martial with 9. Yeah, he was at the treatment table for some time. But this doesn’t change the image. Manchester is lacking a strong frontline.

The talk is about wingers and attacking modifiers. For instance, Christian Eriksen was definitely underperforming. The same is with Alejandro Garancho, who has just scored 5 goals. These players are capable of more.

Can Rasmus Fix Manchester’s Problems

As we can see from the analysis, Manchester’s problem is not just in the lacking striker. Many members of the team are doing worse than they can. So Rasmus, which came for the screaming price of 72 000 000 pounds, won’t be enough.

He needs support from the team to bring Manchester to the top. So Ten Hag will have a ton of work to go through. First, he must assess his strong and weak points of Rasmus and put him in the correct attacking position. And then, Ten will have to adjust the entire team’s playing for their new striker if needed. This includes complex pieces of training. They will be so until the Hojlund and other attacking keys have enough support.

When these criteria are met, Manchester can explode and return to glory. But how long will it take for Ten Hag to complete this mission? Or is it even possible to do it in observable time frames? The following playing season will give us the answer.

Written by Thomas Hein

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