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Manchester United Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho saw his team win a dramatic encounter at Old Trafford thanks to a late goal.

Manchester United trailed by two goals after the opening 10 minutes, however, Alexis Sanchez got the winner in the 90th minute.

The United manager spoke after the game and claimed that there was a “man-hunt” against him. Mourinho even added that he is being held responsible for a host of events.

The Portuguese was quoted by the Independent as saying:

“As a friend of mine was saying to me this morning, if tomorrow it rains in London it is my fault. If there is some difficulties with the agreements of Brexit, it is my fault.

“I have to be ready for all of this. I think a lot of wickedness and clear man-hunting, in football is too much. It is my life. It is life I love and since I was kid I work for this.”

The manager added that such a situation was not helping the players as they weren’t coping well with the pressure.

Mourinho added there was “wickedness” in football but he was learning to deal with it.

United have a couple of weeks before their next game, but a few fans were unsure of what to make of the manager’s comments.

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