Pundits Predictions for League Top Four

Analysts are almost always on the mark when predicting the top league squads for a particular season – that’s why we call them the experts (haha). More often than not, the top Premier League teams are the favourites throughout the year. Here’s a look at this season’s top four predictions.

The leaders on the board and the favourites to win are Manchester United, followed closely by Man City. These are the predicted teams to take up the top two spots, says BBC pundit Alan Shearer, former Newcastle striker. Shearer also places Liverpool in third ranking with Chelsea grabbing the fourth slot. This would mean London’s Tottenham and Arsenal will fall out.

Other pundits are in agreement that Man United and Man City will be claiming the top two positions in the 2017/2018 league, but there is a difference in opinion as to who will be falling out. Sky Sports’ Paul Merson reckons Liverpool and the Spurs will be the unfortunate pair, stating that for Tottenham, “they are focusing on the Champions League and they are pretty close in the game with Arsenal, who is quite happy to finish in the top four but not necessarily gunning for the league”. Charlie Nichols and Matt Le Tissier are also backing the idea that Liverpool will be on the losing end and miss out on top league spots. The general back-and-forth debate lies between Arsenal and Liverpool and who will be filling that number three spot.

Across the board, pundits are pretty much on the same wavelength as to who will be topping the league charts this season, with the Reds soaring ahead, a close call between Liverpool and the people’s favourites, Arsenal and Chelsea rounding off the selection. No doubt, other teams will be making a concerted effort to score big points through the season which may even hit the fans with a breath-taking surprise.

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