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“That is a sending off”- Graeme Souness wanted Manchester United star to be sent off vs Leicester City

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Graeme Souness claims that the referee should have sent off Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer

Speaking on Sky Sports, as quoted by Daily Mail, football pundit Graeme Souness believes that the referee Stuart Atwell got it wrong by not sending Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer off for his challenge on Leicester City’s Wout Faes.

In a game that was eventually comfortably won by United, the first half had its tricky moments for the home side. One of those moments was the Sabitzer high challenge on Faes that caught the latter on his knee.

On the face of it, the challenge did not look too good. However, if you watch the video clip of it a few times, it shows that although Sabitzer did catch Faes, the force wasn’t there and he was almost pulling out of it knowing the potential severity of it.

Bayern Munich loanee Marcel Sabitzer coy on Manchester United future.
Graeme Souness believes Marcel Sabitzer should have been sent off against Leicester City (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

But, Souness does not agree and feels that the Austrian international should have been sent off. Here’s what he said (h/t Daily Mail):

“I think this is a red card for several reasons. He’s on his heels when the ball breaks to him. He’s turned side onto it. If you’re going to do someone that’s how you do it. If he makes contact with the ball what’s he going to do with the ball? He’s looking for the player. 

“I don’t care what some referee who has never played the game has to say on that. That is a sending off. That is dangerous play. If that’s not dangerous play, what is? He’s turned side on, that’s a classic case of setting yourself up to do someone.”

We cannot argue against the fact that this was a subjective decision from the referee and it could have gone either way. We have seen red cards given for less than that, just because the intention was there to hurt the opponent.

So, in that regard, Sabitzer is a lucky boy. But, was it a disastrous decision by the referee? No. This was not one of those clear-cut challenges where any decision other than a sending-off can be deemed disastrous.

Erik ten Hag hails Manchester United on loan midfielder Marcel Sabitzer as "outstanding".
Sabitzer rode his luck with that decision and played well to help United beat Leicester. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

The midfielder made sure that the luck he got was well used. He played a good game in helping United beat Leicester by three goals to none. A brace from the main man Marcus Rashford being at the forefront of it all once again.

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