Marcus Rashford Shows Seniors How It Is Done in United Versus Benfica Game.

The youngest Manchester United fan, who just came out of his teens has sparked a great sense of admiration among fans and fellow players alike. The birthday boy won a penalty in the second half of the game, causing a sure victory for the United players.

How Manchester United Secured a Win

The lucky penalty was the second the team had obtained in the game, but the first to cause a win in the United camp. This would be their 4th consistent win in the Champions League and has automatically earned the team a place in the knockout stages.

The game was not a very simple one as the tense atmosphere heightened while United struggled to maintain its lone goal lead. By the time Mile Svilar saved the first penalty that was earned by Manchester United, there was a general fear that the team might not make it past that lone own goal.

Just two minutes after being substituted into the game, Rashford’s seemingly well-planned moves awarded the team the much-needed penalty, that resulted in Man U’s second win. He joins the Manchester United favourites, Lukaku and Anthony Martial, who have scored 11 and 5 goals respectively this season.

Marcus Rashford, United’s Youngest Sensation

The former juvenile player is currently one of the world’s football sensation. His action and skill, but most importantly the speed with which these fundamental tactics were acquired have always remained a puzzle for most players and coaches. He had been described in the past as a late bloomer, but his current confidence on the pitch makes people forget that his first appearance was in February 2016.

Some of his goals have been monumental, taking into consideration his performance at Old Trafford. The young player managed to squeeze in 2 goals in the Europa League at the last 32 seconds of the game, sending both fans and players into a frenzy.

The young man celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday, and the football world is looking intently to see what this means for the team. He has already shown, with the powerful performance in the game against Benfica, that all his tricks are not yet out of the bag. There is a high possibility he is even a favourite for gamers who play football games on the .

Some of Rashford’s Achievements in Goal Scoring

  • He was the captain of the under 19 United team
  • 8 goals in 18 Manchester United games for his 2015-2016 campaign
  • 11 goals last season
  • 7 goals out of 15 so far, in this year’s games

The young sensation can be described by many as quick and direct, a very credible threat to any defender. For gamers following his career, there might be a game that features his current success on the field. The passionate player promises to keep excelling on the field come rain or shine. There is no doubt that this promise will be fulfilled.