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As a matter of fact, joining MLS at the fag end of a player’s career peak from a club where he has played the majority of his football does not seem as contemplative a move as it is made out to be. More often than not, it is the most popular and preferred progression of A-list players who have played at the biggest stage in some of the most competitive and sought-after leagues in the world. Of course, for any top footballer it is rather tempting to finish their career in MLS where they get to live in some of the best cities of America and play like past versions of themselves, only difference being, the geography of their game, stateside over there.

Touted in the media as Major League Dollar, MLS in the recent past, has become quite the likes of a league hosting teams that have the capacity to splurge as much as a bomb that clubs like Manchester City or PSG that are controlled by their respective Qatari owners. Thus, making it possible for superstars to willingly sign their leisure retirement schemes on foreign land.

With famous guys like David Villa, Pirlo, Kaka, Gerrard, Lampard, Robbie Keane, etc. all settled into MLS playing fiercely as they used to in their prime, it becomes only better for more foreign talent like Rooney or Ronaldo to step in sooner rather than later. In fact 35 year old Robbie Keane was MVP in the league two seasons back and Kaka looks like the player he was before he joined Real Madrid in 2009 over there.Having said that, Wayne Rooney may not need to move to MLS just yet, but the Manchester United captain has admitted that he’d be tempted by a stint stateside. “I’m obviously concentrating on Manchester United,” Rooney has said, time and again. He’d eventually follow suit after playing at Manchester United, he hints.

As things exist, Rooney’s contract with Manchester United expires in 2019. Until then, it’s unlikely his performance will warrant his current massive salary by the end of the deal, and he might be looking for a new challenge or adventure in four years’ time.

Rooney would be England’s most famous export to MLS since David Beckham, who joined the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, surpassing the media frenzy compatriots Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard brought in the American top flight. All said and done, while some of Rooney’s American fans would be delighted by his MLS admission, his fans back home and in rest of the world would love to see him hang his boots at United, for what its worth.

Should He Join MLS?


The Manchester United number 10 is a wanted man in MLS and it might send his career into overdrive once he gets there, probably a move for the future too early to speculate right now. In other words, as of now, Rooney should not join MLS. A strict NO! speaking on behalf of all of Manchester United’s die-hard supporters. Why? Well, because he has new challenges to overcome with a brand new outfit under ‘Special One’ Mourinho. This partnership is what must compel him to achieve greater things for a club he has poured his heart and soul to over the years. He is the ultimate valedictorian for the Red Devils and the only remaining true leader that Manchester United needs at its centre. Rooney shall not debunk all this responsibility and adoration for a few extra bucks and a holiday home for himself and Coleen. Anyway, convincing her is going to be tough. (Laughs)

With all the most successful coaches in the Premier League, transfer market hitting the roof with record high billion dollar investments into player talents, the coming couple of seasons line up a prospect of a legend in the making for ‘Wazza’. Not that he is not a legend already, Wayne must allow his A game to overwhelm the desire of calling it a nice sunny day stateside. No! Not yet son! You will make Manchester great again and make sure that it stays great and more importantly RED! Until then, there’s no saying goodbye to Old Trafford.

He may retire as England’s captain after the 2018 WC campaign in Russia, but he should be sticking around the lads at United for a little longer than that, rest assured!

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