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How Good Can Ravel Morrison Be?

At 18 years old Ravel Morrison is rated has the most gifted and naturally talented footballer to come through the united ranks since Paul Scholes. 



At only 18 years old Ravel Morrison already is rated as one of the most gifted and naturally talented footballer’s to have come through the United ranks since Paul Scholes.

Morrison a midfielder who can also be dangerous on the wing, has a fantastic blend of balance, speed, control, vision and flair. Not only that but he’s strong on both feet, an excellent passer and a quality finisher. What more could you want from a young player?

Morrison’s form for the Youth Team has not gone unnoticed at Old Trafford amongst the fans who rate him highly. However his problems away from football could (and that’s the key word) rob United of a extremely good young player who has the potential to be a star.

Just like our legendary winger Giggs, Morrison who (from what we’ve seen for our youth team) has the ability to run and beat players in the same style and panache that Ryan Giggs used to do when he was younger.

It’s clear from reading about him (as well as seeing him play and the news coming out of Old Trafford) that Morrison is definitely someone who our fans should be very excited about

We all know it’s difficult for young footballers to stay out of trouble.

Sadly Morrison off the field has had some issues which almost saw him get a jail sentence. Whilst of course no-one can condone his actions, he’s only human and there have been bigger figures in sports and the general public who have been involved in worse scenarios that Morrison was involved in.

I am sure that the club along with his family will be working with him to make sure he’s not involved in any future incidents which could threaten his playing career..

Morrison has the world at his feet and is in a position 99% of young players across the country would be envious of. If he can buckle down then he potentially can achieve the success that the club and his family of course will want him to have.

He could even be a bigger star than Giggs, which would be something special wouldn’t it. It would be a shame to see such a wonderful home-grown talent go to waste, as they don’t come along so often.

The United fans are crying out for a new local hero to come through the ranks, we want him to mesmerise us. We want our own Lionel Messi and in Morrison, we could potentially have that.

It shall be interesting to see what progress he makes next season.

By O’Neil Esson – @oewebdesign