Injury-prone Manchester United star talks about the hardships of playing in the Premier League beyond the age of 30

Man United star shares his experience of playing in the Premier League past the age of 30

Manchester United star, Raphael Varane has been plagued with injuries this season. The soon-to-be 31-year-old star has been struggling to cope with the intensity of the Premier League. The Frenchman has missed seven games for Erik ten Hag‘s side because of injury this season.

He has often been expressive about the toll that high-level sports take on an athlete’s body. He recently shed light on how harmful it is to head a football consistently over the years. Varane stated that he advises his young son not to head the ball when he plays.

Recently he spoke up about the struggles of playing in the Premier League past the age of 30. The Frenchman will turn 31 this year and has already started to feel the heat. Let’s have a look at what he had to say. (h/t Manchester Evening News)

“In the Premier League, there are fewer and fewer players over the age of 30.”

“It’s really totally different from playing a match every four to five days or playing every three days. The risk of injury is high and it’s difficult to maintain the energy needed to give the fans the spectacle they pay for.”

Varane added that this phenomenon of players not being able to play past 30 is only accelerating. He believes that if something isn’t done, things will become harmful for the athletes as well as the football industry.

He went on to remind people about the players who are currently going to be playing football in the summer. So those who have International duty will be playing all year round. That has to be harmful to one’s body and mind.

Varane says that the players must be taken care of and the number of matches needs to decrease. While this would mean there would be less football to watch. It also means that players will be well-rested and fresh for most games.

Manchester United star, Raphael Varane might not be at Old Trafford next season.
Manchester United star, Raphael Varane might not be at Old Trafford next season.

Imagine football without injuries occurring almost every other game. Varane’s cry for change does have some legs to it.

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Varane is right about how gruelling it can be to play high-level football every three days or so. Hopefully, the Frenchman can return from his current injury and get back to doing his things during what might be his last few days with the club.

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