Manchester United planning for 2024-25 season with Erik ten Hag

Manchester United seem to be planning a future with Erik ten Hag at the helm.

There have been a lot of talks surrounding the future of Manchester United boss, Erik ten Hag. The Dutchman has been having a horrible season so far. It’s been so bad that its ending could sour his experience at Old Trafford as a whole.

He finally got a big win when the Red Devils won a huge FA Cup game against Premier League rivals Liverpool. Despite the positive outcome, the last few weeks have been filled with talks linking Garret Southgate to the Old Trafford team.

Sky Sport reports that the recent talk of a new manager has led to a lot of annoyance at Manchester United. Southgate’s noise around the club has been a source of unhappiness for a few people. It is being said that the England boss wouldn’t be a good fit.

Southgate terribly failed during his last stint in the Premier League. 15 years ago, Middlesbrough F.C sacked the England boss for his failures. After being away from club football for so long, the England boss might find it hard to adjust.

Despite all the talk, Manchester United have say they have not made a decision regarding a managerial change for next season. It seems like Erik ten Hag’s victory over Liverpool hasn’t gone unnoticed after all.

Hopefully this news will relieve the Dutchman off some pressure. He has some big games ahead of him and needs to give his best performance to improve his chances of sticking around.

Can Erik ten Hag redeem himself if he gets another season at Manchester United?
Can Erik ten Hag redeem himself if he gets another season at Manchester United?

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If Erik ten Hag does stick around, it’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do with all the new players who will arrive during the summer.

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