Former Manchester United star’s career at risk of being over after lengthy doping ban

A doping ban might just spell the end of a former Manchester United star’s career

Former Manchester United star, Paul Pogba’s career might be at the end of the road. As reported by BBC, the 30-year-old has been banned for four years after a drug test revealed that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs.

The Frenchman’s time at United was a bit awkward for everyone involved. When he arrived at the club everyone thought that Paul Pogba would grow to be a generational talent, and he had all the tools to do so.

However, his inconsistent performances never allowed him to reach that level. In 233 appearances for Man United, the Frenchman recorded 39 goals and 51 assists. He also gave a ton of memories to the fans thanks to his flashy dribbling and incredible passing.

However, now that he has been banned for four years, Pogba might never play professional football again. By the time his ban ends, the Frenchman will be 34 years old. He is already struggling to stay fit and that can get even worse when he reaches his mid-thirties.

A doping ban might just spell the end of a former Manchester United star's career.
Paul Pogba can still prove his quality to the world. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP)

But, not all is lost just yet. Pogba has said that he plans on appealing the decision. He clarified that he would never knowingly take any performance-enhancing drugs. If his appeal is successful he could be back to playing football before the season is over.

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Fans around the world are hoping that Pogba’s ban gets lifted. If it comes to be the player will still have a chance to remind the people of his excellent quality.