“Stupidness” – Rio Ferdinand mocks Mikel Arteta for doing something a Man United manager wouldn’t do

Rio Ferdinand calls out Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta for doing something that a Manchester United manager wouldn’t

Manchester United icon, Rio Ferdinand seemingly isn’t too happy with Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta. The Spanish manager was recently spotted in Dubai as the Gunners have been training in the Middle East for a few days.

Arteta thought that he would treat his team to a nice dinner and chose to dine at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse. This establishment is famously owned by internet celebrity Salt Bae.

Salt Bae has previously been subjected to a lot of hate after he was celebrating on the pitch with the Argentina players after they won the World Cup. He even got his hands on the World Cup trophy in a few pictures which is just disrespectful to everyone involved.

Arteta made the mistake of featuring in a video with this internet figure which led to Rio Ferdinand taking a shot at the manager. Let’s have a look at what he had to say about the situation. (h\t Fibe with Vibe)

‘A Man United manager ain’t doing that, only an Arsenal manager would do that type of stupidness.”

While it is of course a little out of taste for Arteta to be engaging with Salt Bae, Ferdinand’s words seem to be a little too harsh. Especially when you consider that the former Red Devil even invited Salt Bae to his wedding.

Rio Ferdinand was frustrated as shown by the message he sent following Manchester United's loss against Nottingham Forest..
Rio Ferdinand was frustrated as shown by the message he sent following Manchester United’s loss against Nottingham Forest.

Ferdinand’s comments about a Man United manager not doing such things may be true. However, Arteta has also done something which one Red Devil coach has been unable to do this season. Arsenal are top four in the Premier League, while Man United sitting in eighth.

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It would be wise for Ferdinand to not make any comments about Arsenal’s managers especially when Manchester United in their current state can’t hold a candle to Arteta’s team.