The Prevalence Of Credit Card Betting Among Manchester United Fans

Believe it or not, there are over 26 million football fans in the United Kingdom, this is 40% of the population. 1.44 million of these people are from the UK and a significant part of them are fans of Manchester United. Most of this fanbase are bettors as well and they want to support their favorite team by betting. Many of those people use credit cards for this purpose.

Overview Of Credit Card Betting

First of all, some basics. The biggest issue of credit card sports betting is that players will basically borrow money from their bank and use it to place bets and hopefully win. Playing on punters should always stay within their limits and remember that they will have to return everything they lost. Regardless of the outcome, the bettor will have to replenish their credit card account after some period, or in other words, return everything to their bank.

Bettors are able to select Visa or Mastercard or even some other card when depositing funds and deposit like when they use a debit card. The actual deposit process at the betting site was identical. Yes, all of the funds you have won at the site can be withdrawn to your credit card. You can give the money back to the bank and have a healthy profit in all of this. 

Why Credit Card Betting Is Popular Among Manchester United Fans

This was one of the most commonly used payment methods in the UK. The credit card ban had a huge impact but it still is in some other parts of Europe and for some bettors. There are a few factors why this betting form was and still is so popular. One of the factors for this was fan culture meaning that there was a small social pressure to bet on the team you like, Manchester United in this case. The second factor was advertisement and sponsorship. Players wanted the part of the thrill they were presented with. The third factor was the obvious success of the club. Well, we are not going even to explain the success of this club. The last factor was income and education. People wanted the thrill of betting and they had the easy ability to make this happen. 

Tips For Manchester United Fans Who Make Bets With Credit Cards

There are a couple of tips you will want to know about and the ones you will enjoy. The first one is that all the UKGC sites will not accept credit cards. But, all other platforms and sites will. You can check this when looking at the supported payments at the bookmaker. 

The second thing you need to know is that all of these platforms will provide you with a bonus. Try to do one thing and it is to claim all of the offers and promos. One of the offers we really like is the welcome match bonus. This means that you will get free money from the operator. In some cases, it can be as high as a 200% match on your deposit. 

The third thing you may look for is a free bet offer. This means that the site will offer you free bets and you can use those to bet on Manchester United. It means that you can bet for free and if you win, well you have won. 

Look at the sites that have a small minimum deposit. In some cases, this can be as low as 10GBP or a bit more. This is an excellent advantage due to the fact you can invest a small amount of money, get the bonus and place a couple of bets. 

There is one thing more. You will want to look at the withdrawal time. This refers to the time frame in which the sports betting site will send the money from your site account to your bank or e-wallet. Look at the platforms that have a withdrawal time frame of around 12-24 hours. In case you are using e-wallets for withdrawals, this time frame can be even a few hours only. 


Betting on Manchester United with credit cards is a bit hard these days but far from impossible. If you want, you can and this is everything you need to know. We believe that now you know how to bet and why you may want to bet on this amazing football club. Bet to have fun and with a bit of luck, you can win huge amounts. 

Written by Thomas Hein

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