Where will Manchester United finish the Season?

Where Manchester United will finish in the 2022 Premier League depends on the team’s performance in the second part of the season. However, if we look at the current standings and recent form, a league win seems to be out of reach for United. 

Likewise at the beginning of the season, predictions for United were not much different. Online football betting sites did not have great odds for Erik Ten Haag’s team when the season started in August, with most of them predicting that Manchester City would be the eventual title winners.

While the bookies may not be so optimistic, we still have hope for a positive finish to the season for Manchester United. Below we look at what we can expect from Manchester United in the business end of the season and see if they have what it takes to turn things around to make a proper run for the top of the table.

Chances of a Top Four Finish?

Not much has changed in terms of the start of season predictions unfortunately.  of football betting sites such as Bet365 usually have the best odds, but most are still not too hopeful of a top table finish for the Red Devils. However, with odds like 66/1 for an outright win and 5/4 for a top four finish, things are slightly better than initially predicted at the start of the season.

There are a few potential reasons why Manchester United may miss out on a top four finish this season. One is that they don’t have enough depth in their squad.

Another reason could be that they have had difficulty replacing key players who left the club in recent years. Moreover, their style of play may not be what is required to compete at the highest level in the league.

The real question is, can they solve any of these issues in time to have a chance at the top of the table?

How can Manchester United turn their season around?

One of the first things they need to do is change some of their strategies. To turn their season around they need to invest in some new players, in particular a new striker. The team has been relying on the same core group of players for too long and it is starting to show. 

They also need to make sure that they are playing to their strengths. The team has plenty of attacking talent, so they should focus on playing an offensive style of football.

Finally, they need to create a more positive atmosphere within the squad. The team has been plagued by infighting and negative vibes in recent years, so it is important that they find a way to come together and start playing for each other again.

As well as this, the team also needs to work on the following:

  • Away form: They were only able to win four away games last season, and that is not good enough. 
  • More goals: They only managed to score forty-seven goals last season, which was the sixth-lowest total in the league. 
  • Consistency: They were very up and down last season, winning big games but also losing some easier ones.

If they can address these issues, they will have a good chance of challenging the title this season. However, this will be difficult since they are up against some strong teams.

What Do the Fans Think?

There are mixed opinions among Manchester United fans about the team’s performance so far this season. Many feel that the team has made significant improvements and is on track to compete for the title, while others believe that there are still areas that need to be addressed.

Naturally, Manchester United fans want their team to win. However, as Jose Mourinho pointed out “It’s not about winning, it’s about improving and getting better every day.” 

Fans are hopeful that their team can make some shrewd signings, such as Borussia Dortmund forward Youssoufa Moukoko. A few recruits like this and they feel that their beloved United will be back in the race for the league title.

Jose Mourinho Comments

Jose Mourinho was right about Manchester United because they have a lot of potential, but they need to work on their consistency. Manchester United have the potential to be a great team but they need to find a way to be more consistent.

Aside from consistency, Manchester United also sometimes lack creativity and imagination in the final third. This is another area where Mourinho was right about the team. He said that they need to be more creative and imaginative if they want to score more goals and push for the top of the table. 

If the playing squad and management can work to address these issues, then Manchester United could upset the odds and at the very least secure a top four finish.