Manchester United Among the Most Followed Sports Teams on Instagram

Manchester United is one of the world’s most popular and successful sports teams. According to a new study, they are also one of the most followed teams on Instagram. The study found that Manchester United has more followers than any other Premier League team.

In this article, we will examine why this is the case and whether or not it is a good thing for the club.

How does Manchester United compare to other football clubs?

The Red Devils are among one of the most followed football teams in the world, which naturally translates into them becoming one of the most followed on the Instagram social media platform.

Social media has become a go-to tool for many who wish to remain updated with all of the ongoing and latest news stories to come out of the club, with the stories and content being released directly from the club and no other intermediaries like transfer news continually does. 

However, where does the team rank regarding Instagram followers? According to research that has been made available, the team is ranked fourth on the list of all football clubs; first of the Premier League clubs by some distance.

As of writing, Manchester United has 59.6 million followers currently. Liverpool is the closest to them as they have 40 million, whereas Chelsea has 35.3 million and Manchester City has 33.9 million.

In regards to the rest of the most followed football clubs, Paris Saint-Germain (62 million), FC Barcelona (111 million), and Real Madrid (123 million) are the only football teams to surpass the figure that the Red Devils have.

What factors have contributed to this?

Given the popularity of the club on social media and around the world, it is perhaps hardly a surprise to see that they have managed to amass such a huge following on Instagram; even if the club is failing to show just how big it is while it struggles on the pitch in the Premier League and Continental competitions.

But why have they become just as popular as they have? This is likely due to several factors.

For one, Manchester United is one of England’s most well-known and successful clubs. They have won more Premier League titles than any other team and are also one of the most popular teams worldwide.

Indeed, with the growth of sports betting across the planet, the football club has become a popular betting choice for many fans on a global scale, too. For instance, Manchester United fans in Canada like the odds on Unibet’s as they can get good value when their favorite team is in action on the pitch, even when things do not appear to be going as smoothly as they ought to be at Old Trafford.

In addition, the club is also very active on social media. They regularly post updates and photos of the team, which helps to keep fans engaged. This is likely to be another reason they have such a large following on Instagram.

So, is this a good thing for Manchester United?

Overall, yes. Having a large social media following can help increase the club’s profile, and it can also lead to more success on the pitch. This is because the club should be able to generate newer and increased forms of revenue that can be utilized for various reasons, including acquiring the best players in the transfer market or offering deals that convince players to commit their future to the Old Trafford club.

Additionally, the revenue can help improve infrastructure, including the stadium and even the training facilities, which could also positively impact the squad.

However, there are also some drawbacks. For example, many followers can pressure the players and staff, as they will feel they need to perform well to please their fans. It can also be difficult to manage such a large community, and there is always the risk that negative comments and posts could damage the club’s reputation.


As can be seen, Manchester United are one of the most followed football clubs on Instagram, and that follower base continues to increase regularly. However, with more fans continuing to follow the team for its updates, the club may want to try and improve their performances on the pitch immediately.

Written by Thomas Hein

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