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Transfer Opinion: Should Manchester United Try Hard To Sign This Belgian Beast?

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Manchester United Transfers 2021-22

Name: Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has indicated that he is ready to leave Everton in the summer. The Belgium international feels that it is the right time to leave for a bigger club.

“I’m 23 next summer and it would be nice to play in the Champions League next season.” Lukaku told Sky Sports.

The striker’s father has urged his son to join either Manchester United or Bayern Munich.

The news of Romelu Lukaku set to leave his club has alerted Manchester United to keep an eye on the striker and sign him as quickly as possible in the coming Transfer Window.

Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are also interested in signing the Belgian.

“He’s ready. In my eyes Rom has to join Bayern or Manchester United.” Lukaku’s father told Belgium’s Het Laatste Nieuws.

He has made 37 appearances for Everton this season and scored 25 goals. (18 in the Premier League, 3 in the FA Cup and 4 in the League Cup)



  1. Makes crucial passes.
  2. Can dribble well.
  3. Good in the air.
  4. Does not contribute enough in the defence.



The transfer of Lukaku to Manchester United can be positive for both the player and the club. Red Devils need to sign a clinical finisher playing upfront for them and the Belgian footballer is a great choice. He has scored many goals and has shown a great potential.

The 22-year-old Belgian beast is strong and good in the air which can be useful for the club as Manchester United lacks physical strength in the mid and forward line-up.

Practically, Manchester United only has Anthony Martial to play as the striker. We have seen Marcus Rashford scoring goals but if Manchester United really need to get back to their winning ways, they cannot depend on the 18-year-old. And as far as Wayne Rooney is concerned, he is struggling to play up front and is more comfortable as an attacking midfielder and that’s where the Englishman should be playing.

Romelu Lukaku can create and most importantly, convert chances more than often with the backing of players like Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata.

Manchester United really should try and get the Everton striker to Old Trafford as they are in a desperate need of scoring more goals.

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  1. The problem facing clubs wanting to sign Lukaku is that Everton aren’t skint and don’t need money. It’s quite possible that Everton may well hold him to his contract or at least keep him for one more season, which ever way Everton hold the cards.

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