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Expect United To Buy Goalie Despite Consective Clean Sheets

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The back-line is one of the most important parts of any football team. Along with their goalkeeper, a defense’s job is to defend the goal and stop the opposition scoring.

This season incredibly Manchester United have not been defending well. You could say that thet have one of the worst defensive-units in their most recent history.

Whether that’s down to the goalkeeper or the defenders, United have been leaking goals. In 21 Premier League games they have conceded 28 goals. That number rises to 40 taking into account goals conceded in the League Cup and Champions League.

Conceding goals has led to deficits for United who have incredibly come back to win games thanks to the likes of Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez. Overall critics have put United’s poor defensive record down to two points.

These two points are the goalie and injury problems.

On Saturday against West Brom United finally looked solid at the back because of the return of Nemanja Vidic. The reason why Vidic is important to the team is because of his leadership and experience. The clean-sheet over West Brom was United’s first since November 28th with today’s clean-sheet against Wigan being only United’s fifth of the year.

Although the back-four looked more of a unit, the person who still looked shaky against West Brom was David De Gea in goal.

I believe that I in January, United will have to go to the shops for a keeper. Who they will go for is a difficult question to ask. Perhaps they might go back for Ben Foster after his fine performance on his return to Old Trafford?

Whoever it is we know one thing for sure that Sir Alex if he does go and bring someone in that it will help the team become better. If he feels that a goalkeeper is needed then it will be the right decision, because no matter how good you are, you have to have a good goalie to finish top of the table.

By Harold Hershman @hhdj89

3 thoughts on “Expect United To Buy Goalie Despite Consective Clean Sheets”

  1. The main reasons for Utd's bad defence? Rafael, Evans, Evra and of course, a pedestrian midfield. Looks like the old man is getting carried away by being 7 pts clear on 1st Januray. How can your memory be so painfully short? Age? Only last April, we were 8 clear and by mid-May? We all know. So, don't crow. Your defensive duds didn't improve miraculously. Yes, Vidic will provide some help but it's the weak midfield that strains the talent-challenged defenders. So, SAF,. please stop the rhetoric, go beg/borrow/buy Fellaini and perhaps Baines. You may actually win something in May.And oh, your not-so-wise comments about Giggs and Scholes carrying on and on sounds like more than desperation.

  2. Haha sad rat tring having come on a utd clog taking rubbish, u want desperation mate, only got look at tevez, balo, pizzarro, vieira, hargo. Citey r masters of desperation u rat clown. Oh and worry bout your own aging washed up team cos the new blackburn rovers you are you one reason flukers. City have big probs of own with your poor keeper and crud defence and average mf, any utd lad would walk into your team but not one yours get on our bench you freighten lil rat. United r by far the best in england and we will walk it cos u aint no threat without mansours money keepin you a float.

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