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Awful Defending And Midfield Prove Downfalls As United Lose To Spurs

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Normally I don’t get too angry when Manchester United lose. However after last night’s shambles of a defeat at home to Andre Villas-Boas’ Spurs, I am angry. Really angry to be precise. Here are five main talking points from today’s game.

1) Awful Defence: Our defending in the first half was downright shambolic. We were worse than a league two side in that regard! It really isn’t Rio Ferdinand’s fault that he can’t keep up with the blistering pace of Gareth Bale. How can he be expected to do that?

We lacked co-ordination, desire, passion and commitment in the first half. One thing is pretty clear now: Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes can`t play from the start against such top quality sides. More on this later. Spurs were lightning quick and our central midfield was simply unable to cope with it.

Michael Carrick, for all his efforts, is not a proper midfield general. His influence on the game was prominent in the second half when we had a lot of the ball. We need Darren Fletcher back into the team. And we need our players to realize that if they ever again perform so badly, their careers will be in jeopardy.  

2) A Solution For The Front Line: We saw Shinji Kagawa drift out wide when Rooney came on. I was skeptical of his impact from there. But he linked well with Rooney and Robin van Persoe. So, we could have him cutting in from the wings and Rooney playing behind RvP. That way, we won’t be so easily pushed around in the centre (It’s much easier to push off Kagawa than it is to push Rooney!) and Shinji`s penetrating balls from the left edge of the box would be a big bonus for us. Considering our weakened numbers in the wing department, this could be a good solution for the immediate future.

3) Play Fletch and Anderson/Tom Cleverley more often: We’ve missed Fletcher so much this season it is galling really! He is slowly but surely getting into the groove and the game at Cluj on Tuesday should aid him well.

We’ll need him next weekend at the Sports Direct Arena when we play Alan Pardew’s Newcastle United! He should get back quickly and I`d like to see more of Anderson and Cleverley in the side. Both need more game time to grow into the side.

Anderson was superb in midweek against Newcastle and I think he merited a start today. His drive, hunger and determination came out strongly in that side and we need him to show it consistently for the first side. Scholes can’t be expected to play twice a week. He is 37 for God’s sake! We Must start more games with Cleverley or Anderson. Our speed of play in the middle of the park will get a much needed fillip.

4) The Hairdryer Treatment:  I’m pretty sure that had the players faced any fan during half-time, they’d have got a massive rollicking. To be honest they thoroughly deserved one! This club is all about passion, desire, commitment and drive. ALL of these were shopping at Harrods in the first half! We need the players to be fully committed from the first whistle in every match. Spurs sat back in the second half but a Barcelona or a Real Madrid would’ve killed the game by half-time which is a scary though to say the least.

5) Fans Support: need to get behind the team during these times. The players deserve 100% backing from every god damn United fan out there. We are in a tough spot but we are United and we will come out of it, just as the club has done countless times down the years! The manager, the players, the staff must work their socks off to rectify the errors which were highlighted in neon lighting today and send out a message: You’re Messing With The Wrong Guy!

By Yashasvee Prasad @yash647

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  1. A bad team with fast-fading manager. Bad purchases in 2011. Terrible coaching team. A fatal cocktail for total disaster. Utd played 2 half-decent teams ( Everton and Spurs ) and lost both. What'll happen when better teams appear? Last season's 6-1 drubbing by City hasn't taught SAF anything. But at certain age, you stop learning. Actually you start forgetting. Nature.

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