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United Need To Make Improvements Despite Grabbing Win At Anfield

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Manchester United’s performance over Liverpool was an absolute shocker. Jamie Reeves – ESPN Star Sport pundit –  rightly said after the game that he was disappointed with our lack of ambition after we were a man up. I agree with that totally. Here’s my analysis of the game.

1) Full marks to the home team. I thought they were very good today as they were against our city rivals at the same ground.  The players used the occasion to rise up and deliver. Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrard, Suso, Joe Allen and Pepe Reina played well for them. They absolutely dominated the first half.

2) We were nowhere to be seen. I’ll touch on that wasteful idiot Nani in a bit. Even after Jonjo Shelvey was sent off, they continued to play positive football. Rodgers deserves a big pat on the back for this. They are mighty wasteful in front of goal. They have to do better with what they have till January at the very least. Suarez, Borini, Gerrard must score more goals. I think they will do well once these dark days end. 

3) We need Darren Fletcher back fast! He is due to start against Newcastle in midweek and boy do we need him back! Once again, we were bullied in the middle of the park.  That too by a midfield of Allen, Gerrard and Shelvey. What`ll happen to us when we play Manchester City and Arsenal? It’ll be a huge bonus for us to have Fletch back and running. He will bring the bite to our midfield which we so badly need. Things just can`t go on like this. Spurs will punish us next week at Old Trafford. Moussa Dembele will have to be tackled. Ryan Giggs and Michael Carrick tried but they aren’t enough at all.

4) Nani is not in the right frame of mind. His contract situation is playing on his mind and it is clearly showing on the pitch. He is moody, off his game and totally uninterested in putting in good crosses. He was so wasteful in possession today it was galling. His passing was absolutely rubbish. We need to work on him. When he is on form, he is so dangerous, a real threat to the opposition!

5) Antoino Valencia dived. No two thoughts on that for me. It was shocking. He could’ve crossed for Robin van Persie to score. Why sully the club’s image? RvP struck the penalty well. Reina got a hand to it but it wasn`t enough. United went on to win it 2-1 but it was a scarcely deserved win for the away side. Also, Scholes was needed AGAIN to control proceedings in midfield. Not a good reflection on the other central midfielders. 

6) Shelvey fully deserved his red card. The manner of the challenge was what clinched it for me. I think the referee got that one right. RvP did not deserve a red for his tackle. It was far less harsh than Shelvey’s. The red card totally changed the face of the match. Liverpool went a man down and we were able to (finally) show up for the game.

In conclusion, I wouldd just like to congratulate Liverpool for a commendable performance and thank God that we won a match which we so deserved to lose!

By Yashasvee Prasad @yash647

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  1. Utd are just plain rubbish now, thanks mainly to SAF the overstayer. His bad purchases over the last 2 summers have consigned the Club to near anonymity last season and it seems to continue. Liverpool people managed to trick SAF into playing rubbish Evra ( handsake and the jest ). Rafael is another dud regardless of the goal. Nani is a goner. Carrick is a slow coach, Evans is a complete idiot. Where's Young, the useless guy who cost more than Cazorla and Michu combined? Jones? De Gea , a 20m-pds 'goalie ?

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