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Five Ways In Which UnIted Can Beat Liverpool

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We have the BIG-ONE coming up on Sunday. Liverpool vs. Manchester United at Anfield. It’s a match which has history, passion, 3 points (which is what it comes down to at the end of the day) and lots more. I am an ardent Manchester United fan. I want nothing more than a win for United at Anfield on Sunday evening.

Here are five ways in which we can have that:

1) BE BOLD: We haven’t won at Anfield since the 2007-08 season. This is simply unacceptable. Liverpool is beatable on their home patch (look at Arsenal. They have been winning at Anfield so much in the past few seasons). I have got the feeling (my views only) that we have been deferential to them at Anfield a lot more than is needed.

Especially last year, I felt that we were favorites to win the game but our tactics were such that we could not push successively for one. What I want is a bold line up which sends out a strong, definitive signal to all: We are here to WIN. We will take you on your home ground and we have 200% belief that we WILL defeat you.

2) THE LINEUP: I want this lineup: De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Rio, Buttner, Carrick, Cleverley, Young, Valencia, Kagawa, van Persie. This line-up is explosive in attack, good in defense and has a lively midfield. Antonio Valencia and Young (if fit) provide us quality supply down the flanks and Shinji Kagawa gives the quality in the final third which was sorely lacking last season.


Robin van Persie is no stranger to scoring winners at Anfield so I won’t go there! As for the defending, the back four is good. Buttner for Patrice Evra you say?? Let me tackle that. Patrice is out of form. Raheem Sterling is in hot form.

There is the racism row still hanging over both Luis Suarez and Evra`s head. Taking Pat out of the line of fire will ensure that Buttner, who played well against Wigan, will come up against Sterling. Alexander is a good defender and he will have Young (if fit) backing him up as and when needed. Problem solved.

As for the centre of midfield, Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley are good enough for Steven Gerrard, Joe Allen and Jonjo Shelvey. Fabio Borini can be tackled easily by Rafael. Even if Borini and Sterling shift flanks, there shouldn’t really be a problem!

3) POSSESSION: Brendan Rodgers’ sides are sides which like to keep the ball. Our mission is to deny them possession as much as possible. The longer they go without having the ball at their feet, the more they will be restlessness which should induce more mistakes from the home side.

4) TAKE CHANCES: We will get chances to score against this Liverpool side. I am dead sure of that. They aren’t THAT secure at the back now and can be opened up (again, refer to Arsenal`s 2-0 win here). We have an amazing attack. Let us use it to the best of our ability so that every time a Kagawa or a Valencia bears down on goal, Pepe Reina prays to the gods that he not concede! We have a lethal striker in RvP. Carrick’s Alex Song-esque balls may be a potent weapon for us if the middle of the park gets too crowded. The wings will be very important and so our wingers must be at their best.

5) DEFEND VERY WELL: Let’s be honest here. Who are the biggest threats to us? Suarez, Sterling and Gerrard. That’s it. We can defend well against these people. I am sure. We will be dealing with far more dangerous attacks in the latter stages of the Champions League and when we play Arsenal and Manchester City. We have good quality defenders and I am sure we can come away with a clean sheet.

In conclusion, I hope for a great game between two sides with a long standing rivalry. But my only wish is a United win, it’s been long overdue at Anfield. The last time we won was way back in 2007 when a certain Carlos Tevez scored the winner. That win should arrive on Sunday.

By Yashasvee Prasad @yash647

6 thoughts on “Five Ways In Which UnIted Can Beat Liverpool”

  1. A customary Dodgy Penalty?.

    The simple way to defeat the Trafford Hoofers is to tackle hard and attack…..mankychester fall to pieces then.

  2. trafford hoofers lol is that some kind of ironic joke from a team that has been humping long balls up to carroll for the last 12 months like a more expensive version of stoke.

    rodgers comes in an the typically deluded bin dippers think that they will start playing like barca all of a sudden but quickly realise you cant polish a turd, even stevie 'hollywood' 'all about me' gerrard struggles with a short passing game. this your year? or is it next yet?

    lets just concentrate on what we are good at eh like the classy football that has made us englands greatest club and you lot just stick with what you do like defending racists

  3. We wont play 4-4-2 at Anfield i can assure you. We also wouldnt possess the ball with Carrick and Cleverley alone in midfield. Neither will be be safe at the back with Buttner and Rafael at fullback.
    Sir will go for tried and trusted experience, one up front, 5 in midfield with 2 holding players, maybe Anderson with Carrick or even Fletcher with Carrick.
    Ahead will be RVP alone with Kagawa supporting but Valencia helping Rafael and Welbeck helping Evra.
    This is a nick a goal team, and thats the plan.
    If we go behind then you'll see us go 4-3-3 but only in the last 15 mins.
    Liverpool are 17th and crap and so this invites them onto us, look how Arsenal beat them and if we were on form we would take them out 3-0 but we are not.

  4. I took pleasure reading the article and wish you were right.
    Evra V/S Buttner: I agree that Evra's form is no longer what it used to be, especially his pace, but his attacking contribution is still top drawer in my opinion. His linking play going forward is still very good. You mention the combined threat of Sterling and Johnson but unless the left back is helped out by the winger and/or one of the other midfielders there is not much he can do. Against Galatasaray, Eboue was a constant thorn and Evra had to cope with two very quick opponents on the counter attack. As we all know, Anfield can be a very hostile place and as much as Buttner gave a good account of himself against Wigan, he might be singled out by Rodgers and there is a great risk that he collapses like Evra did on his debut against Man City. I'm sure Fergie will go for experience rather than youth.
    The other important point you made was about possession but you did not elaborate on how United will deny Liverpool possession. United is still very light defensively both in midfield and overall as a team. This was glaring against Galatasaray and United were outplayed in midfield. I know Fergie is now talking about positional defending in midfield rather than the traditional physical defensive approach. I do not buy into this theory and if you look around it is clear all other top teams have an enforcer. Tiote at Newcastle, Mascherano at Barcelona and now Song, Essien ( although no longer his own self ) at Real, De Jong at City, Sandro at Spurs, Lampard and Ramirez at Chelsea and so on. To sum up, yes United need to deny Liverpool possession but they do not have the players to do it. Cleverley and Carrick do not have the tools to give the back four the protection required.
    Finally, I believe United are still good enough to win but what really worries me is the lack of efficiency in front of goal. Valencia is too wasteful with his crosses. I have the the strong impression that he either just drives the ball hard across goal or he floats it to the far post and hopes for the best. I would refer fans who disagree with me to the first two goals scored by Spurs against Reading last weekend. In both instances Defoe and Bale were accurately picked up by the crosser for clear shots at goal. Let's hope by Sunday evening we shall all be reflecting on a United victory.

  5. I couldn't agree more. We may be capable but I just cannot see us winning at Anfield. United seem terrified whenever they play Liverpool – home or away. And yes, we haven't got the right midfield. It seems each one is expecting the other to tidy up and then, all hell breaks loose. It is shocking how easily we get ripped up in midfield and in defence. We could have Messi or Pele up front – it won't make any difference … Maradona maybe? Bar the Wigan win, we have scraped through with the others. Our style of play just seems so predictable to the opposition and it's clear on evidence that it no longer scares anyone whether it's Fulham or Basle. SAFs tough talk hides the reality of where we are. Luck will run out very soon and quite embarrassingly when it does. I had hoped that lessons would have been leant after the CL shambles and 1 – 6 against City last season or both defeats in CL final previously but on evidence, nothing has and more is on the way. Let's get used to it. I hope not this Sunday?

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