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The Cons Of Signing Robin Van Persie

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Most of my Twitter followers already know my stance on Robin van Persie, but if you have not heard yet/you do not follow me on Twitter (You should @stiuge– I will repeat those views now!

There is no denying that Robin van Persie is a fantastic footballer, or at least he has been scoring regularly for Arsenal during the 2011-2012 season. But before that he has only managed to score 66 Premier League goals in 194 games. 0.34 goals per game.

For comparison, Wayne Rooney has scored 129 Premier League goals in 251 games (0,514 goals per game). Not to forget Rooney has played most of his games in a deeper role, and still managed to score 11 or more goals in every single season for United.

And no, I am not saying Robin van Persie is as good as Rooney, only Arsenal fans seem to think so, but I think this comparison is not too far fetched since both of them play for big Premier League clubs, and are considered their best strikers.

Now to my second point, Injury problems, last season was Robin van Persie’s first, when he managed to play in more than 28 Premier League fixtures, actually he played in every single one. But that doesn’t change the fact he is injury prone, some could say his legs are made of glass. Arsenal’s physios know van Persie better than his wife does, well you got my point. 

And at 29, there is no re-sell value – and if he really wants the switch to United, we should wait and sign him for free after next season. He would also ask for a proper high salary package that would bring him around the same wages as Wayne Rooney is earning at the moment, mental? Yes.

Moving on, what would this signing mean to our young guns and new signing Shinji Kagawa?

Danny Welbeck had a fantastic season for us, and he is only going to get better providing he gets to play regularly. What is the point to bring young players through our ranks and send them out on loan to adjust them to life in the Premier League, and then not play them?

If we end up signing Robin van Persie, I think it will end Hernandez’s or Welbeck’s United career.

Also Welbeck is still in the middle of his contract negotiations, and I could see this deal harming those discussions, and in the worst case we would have to sell him when he rejects the new contract. This of course being the worst case scenario.

What about our new signing Kagawa? He was most likely brought in to play behind Wayne Rooney, in #10 role, what would happen to his chances in the first team if we signed van Persie? Kagawa is not a central midfielder, he cannot be used there.

He has been deployed as left winger by Japanese national team, but it’s hardly his best position. And given the wide choices we have in Ashley Young, Nani and Antonio Valencia (And Bebe!) – I cannot see Sir Alex Ferguson using him as a winger.

I don’t know, it’s just what I think of it all, I might be wrong too.

But let’s continue on this subject IF he signs for us.

In other news Lucas Moura has completed his move to PSG, after rejecting a chance to move to United. Rumours say his agent receives a whooping €9 million euro agent fee.

Its madness, right? Well Bebe’s agent received €3.5 million when his client joined United from Vitoria Guimaraes, now that’s just bonkers!

By @stiuge

16 thoughts on “The Cons Of Signing Robin Van Persie”

  1. Discount Van Persie's best scoring season? Why? It's clearly done to manipulate the figures in favour of your argument. Keep them and Van Persie's GPG is .495 in the league.

    Van Persie also played most of his Arsenal career in a deeper role – or even on the wings, like Rooney. Wenger had to be persuaded to play him as a central striker.

    I'm a big fan of Welbeck – so much so that I wouldn't be adverse to seeing a Van Persie-Welbeck partnership at times next season if we managed to sign him. Rooney should not be considered undroppable. Even last season, an excellent goalscoring season for him, his all around game was unconvincing for long periods.

    Let's say I wouldn't be confident going into a long season, on 4 fronts, relying on Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez and Macheda as our striking options.

    An interesting article – but one that I disagree with almost entirely. My only reservation would be the fee.

  2. RVP was a right winger until 2 seasons ago. 1 in 3 from the wing was pretty good. Once Adebeyor left he played more centrally, where his ratio becomes 3 in 4.

  3. Give us Hernandez and its a deal. I don't understand why you would sign rvp when you have him in your side. He had fantastic partnership with rooney before his injury. Also signing him for 4 years on 220k and paying what would be 25m results in a huge £67240000 which for a 29 year old with a poor injury record is incredibly risky when he isn't needed.

    Yes as an Arsenal fan I wouldn't like to see him join you lot, why would I? But that isn't the reason I'm questioning Fergies thinking.

  4. I'm a Gooner and was interested in your piece above.
    RVP to United would hurt Arsenal fans and we do believe that he's better than Rooney, as was Cantona and Zola regardless of statistics.
    RVP fit, would guarantee the title to United for the next 2 seasons and I don't think many people would disagree hence the uproar from us Gooners and the fact that your neighbors want him too.
    The amounts being banded about not only as a fee but also in wages do make me question why he is leaving.
    He love his current role at AFC and if he stayed would be a legend at Arsenal, the fact he wants to leave makes me think its actually about money and once he has that contract UTD will be left holding a very expensive baby. My point on the motive is as follows- What did Ronaldo win at UTD? Who cares, he left. What did Steve Bruce wine? Who cares he is a UTD legend! That is what real UTD and all football fans remember. Players they can forever relate to.

  5. If RvP thinks going to United will win him trophies is madness, United have a worse keeper, a worse defence, Carrick in midfield and he won't take long to fall out with Rodney.
    The guy needs help.. lol..

  6. No way Van Persie will go 2 seasons un-injured. But a typical Fergie buy, unimaginative and unnecessary considering what we really need – midfield!!! Really fear United won't be top 4 next season. City, Chelsea, Arsenal Top 3. Battle for 4th between the rest.

  7. Wenger was not persuaded to play RVP in strike. Wenger chose himself what are you on about. RVP said so in an interview. Also OP is clearly clueless since RVP played as a winger before the previous 2 seasons.

  8. Surely any United fan with a brain cannot think that to sign RVP would be good business. Money doesn't grow on trees. For Christ's sakes Fergie, buy a MIDFIELDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i think old man fergie is so keen to get one over city that he is willing to buy player he clearly doesn't need. as an arsenal fan i want him out the club and have no objections to this flawed character joining your lot. he is not a true arsenal great, we won one fa cup with this guy and you are more than welcome to him as long as the arsenal board squeeze as much money out of you. he will not be winning any trophies with you because city rule and he is a loser for club and country.

  10. So Rooneys tweets he wants to play with van Persie Tonight. Rummer is hes on a plane to Germany to sign for the gunners

  11. It's an interesting read and an interesting opinion, but as always statistics only tell a fraction of the story. Revisit your numbers, don't exclude anything and then have a closer look at how many of RvP's early games were as a sub…He rarely troubled the starting XI in his first couple of years but got plenty of 15 / 20 min run-outs…which would clearly have an impact on his goals per game ratio vs a first-choice selection since day one Rooney…and don't go in for that mins per goal nonsense either as it's a loaded dice!

  12. RVP is here now so our Manager has sepnt the annual transfer fund on another striker, meaning we need to offload Berbatov and play 4-4-2 more often as we have almost as mant strikers as City.
    Our weakness remains the leftback and attacking midfield positions where it seems we will consider Scholes, Rooney, Kagawa and Cleverley for that spot. In defensive midfield, which Sir thinks is abandoned in the modern game ( Busquets, Macherano, Toure and others might disagree while they polish their medals) we have Carrick and Jones. Thats the problem and we have no ready made solution as Pogba and Anderson were wanna 1 and 2 and one is gone while the other doesnt understand the position.
    Devoid of midfield possession but breaking fast on either wing with 2 goal-getters up front might feel like the kids team or the Kanchelskis team where we accepted we would drop and break fast and i liked those sides.
    Feels like back to the future is where Fergie is going, clog it up like Chelsea did and break like lightning.

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