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Assessing Carrick’s Strengths And Weaknesses

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In the year 1999 West Ham’s youth team won the pinnacle of England and became FA Youth Cup Champions. They won 9-0 on aggregate. The man at the center of all this was Michael Carrick.

Then in 2005 Tottenham signed him. While in London he learned how to really flourish his passes from Martin Jol. Then in 2006 Carrick had an impressive World Cup which led him to one of the best teams in the world Manchester United.

Since that very day Michael has improved every year. His strengths are definitely his passing and just fooling the defense with his dribbling and moves. The thing that makes him rise to top is that he can control and passes with either foot very well.

However there are some weakness that he needs to work on. To start with he does not have a great shot. In fact he doesn’t score very often but the upside to him is that everyone feels good around because of the he way plays.

In the end Michael is a very decent centre-midfielder with his passing ability. If he had to work on something it would be his shot but for the time being he does not need to do that because he plays centre-midfield where the job is to deliver a beautiful pass which he has.

Overall in the end Michael’s career has been magnificent and will forever be remembered in United’s history because of his shootout goal in the 2008 Champions League Final.

By Harold Hershman

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  1. My score? S=0, W=10 on a scale of 1 to 10 for Carrick and all his so-called midfield colleagues at Utd. 0 strength/skill/speed/stamina for all of them. The proof? Last season Utd won what? Again, a big fat 0.

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