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Valencia The Key To Bringing The Premier League Trophy Back Home

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It’s that time of the year again. That time when the transfer rumors are swirling about and fans start to envision what the upcoming season will hold for their favorite team.

For Manchester United, a big question in the back of everyone’s mind is who will step up and put in a solid season to help propel the Red Devils back to the top of the League, and back into the Champions League knockout stages. With the recent departure of winger Park Ji-Sung to Queens Park Rangers and the rumors that fellow winger Nani is on his way out, it’s time for another winger to take the reigns.

It’s time for Antonio Valencia to shine.

Replacing the I-won’t-stop-running-until-I-die-on-this-field tenacity of Park Ji-Sung is admittedly, going to be very difficult. However, Valencia has a different mentality that will be just as beneficial to United.

What Valencia has that will make him vital to success for United is his well-trained ability to see what the next play is going to be, before he even has the ball at his feet.

This skill put Valencia atop the list of Red Devils with 13 assists in the 2011-12 Premier League season. If the departure of second place Nani (with 10 assists) does happen, Valencia will be primed to pick up the workload, and drop the ball at the forwards’ feet.

Even if Valencia has a similar season to the 2011-12 campaign, he will still be one of the most important players for United. However, the Red Devils would like to see Valencia tally more goals for himself in the upcoming season.

In the 2011-12 Premier League Season, Valencia was on the score sheet only four times. But while he might not strike often, he does strike when it counts, most notably scoring in United’s 2-1 win over Arsenal in January.

Valencia’s success in the 2012-13 season is certainly dependent on several factors, as is the success of most players. However, when looking at his past contributions to the club as well as looking at his very distinct skill set, it goes without saying that Antonio Valencia will be vital to United in the upcoming season.

He might even be the key to bringing the Barclay’s Premier League trophy back across Manchester and back to Old Trafford. 

By Jennifer Calhoun @Calhouner

2 thoughts on “Valencia The Key To Bringing The Premier League Trophy Back Home”

  1. Valencia is the most overrated player ever. His crosses are approximate at best. His dribbling on the outside of his defender to put him on the byline for a telling pass is almost non-existant. He loves to cut inside and his left foot is totally useless. He's supposed to have lightening speed but each time a defender is on his heels, he stops the ball and looks for a back pass! He lacks confidence which is why he rarely shoots at goal.
    Let's rate him against some top players. If we were to credit David Beckham with a 10 for his crossing how would you rate Valencia? If we were to rate Gareth Bale with a 10 for running on the outside of defenders and score how would you rate Valencia?
    I am not saying he's a useless player but on the other hand don't tell me he's a world beater either.

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