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Hargreaves’ Two Finger Salute To United

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So it is increasingly looking like Manchester City will take Owen Hargreaves on a free transfer before the transfer deadline approaches this evening. I can’t help but think that on Hargreaves’ behalf by joining City, he’s giving a two finger salute to everybody at Manchester United including the supporters.

Hargreaves joined United in 2007 in a £17million transfer from Bayern Munich and in his first season at the club won the Premier League and Champions League trophies as he played an important part in the club’s success as he became a popular member of the squad.

His second season never really got started as a patellar tendinitis problem on both his knees restricted his appearances, and it is at this point that United stood by Hargreaves and along with paying his weekly wage, paid for his rehabilitation in America to try to rectify his injury problems.

After making only 27 league appearances for United in four seasons at the club, this year Hargreaves was told that he could leave the club and that he would not be offered a new contract due to the club not receiving any guarantees about his future fitness from the specialists that worked with him on his rehabilitation.

Hargreaves come out fighting after his release from UnitedHargreaves come out fighting after his release from United with a new strength and fitness regime, and was probably given a boost from Maxitone shop supplements. He even filmed a video of himself training in a gym that he posted on YouTube in hope of earning a contract at another club. And it did not take long before it was reported that certain premier league teams had shown an interest in him and were willing to take a chance on him.

Yesterday’s developments that Manchester City have approached him, wanting to add him to their ranks has angered me and I am trying to understand why he would join the blue half after United and the supporters stood by him through his injury plagued career?

I am sure there are other teams interested who could offer him first team football? Or is he motivated by the financial aspect of a move to the Ethihad stadium, because he would struggle to get into a team that already has a strong midfield department.

If Hargreaves does sign for City then his four seasons at United will mean nothing to the supporters, this is surly a parting shot at the club for realising him and not offering him a new contract, and he will be viewed the same as Carlos Tevez by the United faithful.

One thing that he obviously did not learn in his four years at Old Trafford is that their are two teams in Manchester, and an intense bitter rivalry between the two. Making the switch between one of the teams to the other is unforgivable by the supporters and club, especially when they stood by him over the last three injury-plagued years.

I have also listened to a lot of supporters today wishing him well if he does move to City. Like i said earlier, Hargreaves might as well be sticking two fingers up to all the United supporters if as reported he signs on the dotted line for City. It might be harsh to presume that, but that’s how I feel about this move.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7

5 thoughts on “Hargreaves’ Two Finger Salute To United”

  1. I simply cannot agree with you. I am sure if United had wanted him he would have stayed. It was reported that he had even offered to stay on for free. What more can he do? He did not snub United to join City and once United made it clear that we did not want him, then we automatically lose our right to have a say in where he goes next. It is not his fault he chose the next best option.

  2. I'm just wondering how City are looking for some attention, it is really clear that they don't need any more players.( If they did, there were some better options than Owen in the transfer market.) They're just doing it for getting some attention. I feel sorry for Hargreaves. Even if he can keep himself feet, he may will be WATCHING the majority of City's games in the season.

  3. I just think after four years at Man Utd who have stood by and supported him through his injury nightmare he would have at least realised how Utd supporters would have reacted to him making this move.

  4. Reading the above post would make you think that it was Hargreaves and not United who moved away…. would just like to ask one question…. consider this
    You've been working at a company for 5 years….. you have not been keeping well but the company pays your medical bills. However the company decides that they no longer need you and ask you to leave…. However a rival company is willing to give you a chance with certain conditions on paying you only for the number of days you attend office…. would you or would you not take it??????

  5. teddy sheringham was once asked would he as an ex spurs player (while with united) wouldhe ever join arsenal and he replied “no…. no way never” because even though he had left spurs and moved on he understood what it meant to wear the jersey as he knew what it meant to wear ours. obviously as canada already know hargreaves is not of same stock

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