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Arsenal Might Have Been Poor, But United Were Great

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Yesterday I went to Manchester United’s 8-2 win against Arsenal at Old Trafford and oh my, how times have changed!

Even before the game Arsenal fans were chanting “We’re s*** and we know we are.” It seems as though most Gunners had given up on any chance of having a good season, even before the game, which is something you don’t see too often from fans of a big club.

Although the Arsenal faithful right now rightly have negative views given the circumstances their club are in at the moment, the away support at Old Trafford was still fairly vocal considering the scoreline and added something to the atmosphere.

On the way home, I managed to chat with some Arsenal fans and they cannot understand why money is not being spent on their team and why on earth Ashley Young was allowed to walk to Old Trafford from Aston Villa without any competition from their manager – Arsene Wenger.

To their credit, they all praised not only United’s approach in the game but the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson is one of, if not the most important of driving forces spurring on United’s success.

What was clear to see yesterday was that the team unity at United is second to none. The collectiveness of the team was emphasised when David De Gea, much criticised, saved Robin van Persie’s penalty. If De Gea doesn’t save the penalty, the game completely changes, and albeit a poor penalty, the goalkeeper still has to dive the right way.

The United players swarmed the Spaniard after he saved the spot-kick, to show that they not only are praising a good save, but that they are backing De Gea and are delighted that he has shown the ability in a big-game that he has shown in training since arriving at the club.

While Arsenal were very very poor yesterday, United’s pace in the team was incredible and is clearly the spine behind the attacking philosophy that Ferguson has adpoted in our play this seaosn. The raw speed of Young and Nani was pivotal to United making break after break yesterday and the two were simply too much for the Gunners young defence.

The crowd gave a real buzz when either of the pair got the ball, and the two didn’t dissapoint. United have assembeled a team full of pace all over the park, most notably, Chris Smalling, Patrice Evra and Danny Welbeck, with Tom Cleverley and Wayne Rooney no slouches either. With the speed of action and thought combined, there is a platform that is very hard to beat.

The faith United fans have in their team is wonderful. De Gea was constantly applauded and name chanted, Ashley Young the same and the United fans want to make their new signings feel right at home. For a big game, the Old Trafford atmosphere is special, and there is no doubt the fans were on top form again on Sunday – as were the team of course!

By Matt Joyce @MattJoyce92

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