Nani: My United Player Of The Season

For me, my player of the season could have been the obvious choice of someone like  Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs or Javier Hernandez. However a player I have watched with intrigue over the past few seasons, waiting for him to shine on the pitch finally last year started to show the world the kind of player he can be.

The player I am describing to you of course is Nani.

The former Sporting Lisbon winger has took some time to emerge as a key player for us. Being in the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t helped Nani but with Ronaldo gone Nani has now had the time to emerge as one of our key players.

At the start on the season it was Nani we looked to as one of our main attacking outlets. With Rooney suffering from poor form and no attacking midfielder in our team at the time Nani was our go to guy to get us out of a jam.

His 14 assists this season have helped us to our record 19th league title and they have been a key factor in winning us games. While these is one of my main reasons for him being my player of the season, it’s also his overall performances on the pitch and the way he now plays which is why I have chosen him.

When Nani is playing at his best he has been unstoppable at times and no team can deal with him. His ability to go out wide and cross or cut inside and shoot makes him one of our most lethal assets when attacking which we’ve seen this season.

A big question though is will Nani be able to carry on and improve from this season just gone?

Everyone knows that Nani is still yet to reach his full potential. Competition for places in our midfield out wide will be high next season with Nani now having to compete with our new signing Ashley Young,  along with Valencia and Park to keep his place in the side.

However I believe that all this will benefit Nani as Sir Alex wants the best on the pitch for us and this challenge will make him a better player.

For Nani he can make the wing his own and become untouchable like Ronaldo once was in the position. Nani can build on the fantastic season he’s had and let’s hope we see many more great seasons like last season from our number 17. 

By Tom Bradley