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Welcome To Musée United: Inaugural Pieces From 1998/99 Featuring Charlton & Brondby

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One of the things that I first thought of when WAFU came to life, was that aside from having the usual content that #MUFC fansites usually have, was to try and do something abit different.

So with that in mind (and the fact I can be abit of an ‘oddball’ sometimes) I thought it’d be a good idea to try and start a Manchester United Art Gallery/Museum on here where United fans from all over the world with contrasting artistic ability can send in pieces of #MUFC related art that they’ve done.

It could be a drawing – like the 2 pieces that you’re see which I did back in 1998 when I was at Primary School – or a full scale size painting or something completely out of the box.

Whatever it is, if you think that it’s art of any form, get in touch with us and send it in and we’re feature it on here in ‘Musée United.’

The inaugural pieces into this Gallery/Museum are 2 drawings that I’ve scanned on here that I did in the early stages of our Treble Winning season.

As you’re see I am not blessed with great ‘artistic’ flair, though I did get a C overall in ART GCSE at my secondary school, so I couldn’t have been that bad…or great if you look at it like that.

United v Charlton Athletic At Home

As you’re see here I tried to capture a moment in our game against Alan Curbishley’s Charlton from when we played them early on in the 1998/99 Premier League season at home at Old Trafford.

Here you can see Ryan Giggs poking through a ball to Paul Scholes to try and shoot past Charlton’s keeper at the time Sasa Ilic. Yes I know the quality of the drawing’s quite poor but I think it captures Old Trafford quite well, well that’s what I think anyway.

Also you might work out the fans in the stand are all wearing a variety of United kits from the past, with a large number of them strangely wearing their kit back to front showing off the names that they’ve put on the back. 

I know of course that’s not something ‘normal’ that goes on, but at the time it’s what my friends at school used to do, so it was something I was familiar with at least so I decided to draw our fans like that.

United v Brondby IF At Home

Next up for you to lay your eyes on, is another drawing of mine from the 1998/99 season with this one featuring us at home against Brondby in the Champions League.

Our clashes against Brondby that year were quite memorable as we scored 11 goals past the hapless Danes on our way to finishing second in our Champions League group that year behind Bayern Munich.

As you’re see here the players that I’ve tried to draw here are Dwight Yorke, Phil Neville and Jesper Blomqvist, all kitted out in our memorable ‘special’ European kit that we had from 1997-2000, which now looks very similar to our home kit we had in 2006/07.

It’s worth noting that Blomqvist’s hands are not poking out of his sleeves as in the colder months of that season, he always seemed to play with long sleeves on his shirt so I drew them on.

Funnily enough in the game at Old Trafford where we beat Brondy 5-0, Blomqvist played rather well and helped set up 2 of our 4 first half goals that night with great runs which showed of his long sleeves rather well!

You’re also notice that the pitch appears to be in bad nick (which I tried to show by not fully colouring the pitch in with my felt-tip pens), as for a number of years especially in the late 90’s and early 00’s our pitch in the winter always seemed to be in a right state compared to other pitches in the league.

By Adam Dennehey – @ADennehey87


If you would like your #MUFC related art to be showcased in ‘Musée United’, get in touch with us via the comments/contact section of our site or give us a tweet at @WeAllFollowUtd.

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