How Dieting Can Improve The Player’s Performances

It’s just over 3 weeks until the Premier League campaign kicks off and Louis Van Gaal will be hoping for a better season. His first year in charge will for the most part be considered a failure and apart from a couple of impressive performances his team were largely criticised for their lack of drive and desire.

Apart from new skipper Wayne Rooney the team was lacking energy and crying out for a Roy Keane or Paul Scholes who would cover every blade of grass. These players are now just a memory for fans but it makes you realize the importance of an energetic midfielder.

Summer signings Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastain Schweinsteiger will provide new hope for the red devils. They might just be what are needed to turn United into title contenders again. How do these players manage to have such an important influence on the game though? These midfielders are required to have more stamina than other players on the field.

A new interactive design showed that they can run up to 9.5 miles during a game. Midfielders will also have to do a lot of tackling, cutting and sprinting from box to box. This requires a lot of energy especially when you are competing with the likes of Yaya Toure. Midfielders will work so hard during games that they will burn a massive 3000 calories during the 90 minutes.

This shows just how important it is for players to put the right fuel in their bodies. A diet that is high in carbs to provide them with the energy is essential to compete in the Premier League. The World Sports Food Fight breaks down exactly what a footballer would eat for each meal to allow them to train and play at the highest level. It also includes information about what the players will do to prepare on a match day.

The educational piece is useful for any young players to find out what their heroes are eating and how they can use diet to improve their own performance.