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‘Toxic’- Manchester United employees disgruntled by Jim Ratcliffe accusation

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Accusations made by Sir Jim Ratcliffe have disgruntled some Manchester United employees

The arrival of Sir Jim Ratcliffe at Manchester United is considered by many to be the start of the Old Trafford squad’s return to winning ways. However, no change comes without friction and sacrifice and the same is true for the Red Devils.

The INEOS chief recently took a round of the club’s facilities and he was not impressed. Ratcliffe drew attention to the abysmal state of the club’s IT department and the poor condition of the U-18 and U-21 locker rooms.

Now the youth development staff at Old Trafford has always been praised for their stellar work. However, Ratcliffe is not impressed, his words don’t sit well with the IT department either who are only there for menial work. As reported by The Sun, They feel like they’ve been made scapegoats in all of this.

The report also states that the emails sent out to the Manchester United staff by Sir Jim Ratcliffe have created a toxic environment within the club. It’s not the kind of thing you want to hear about a club trying to regain its former glory.

Ratcliffe didn’t just stop with the state of the facilities either, he also wanted the Red Devils’ staff to abolish their work-from-home practice and return to full-time work. Something which is not feasible because there’s not enough place for United’s 1000-something employees.

While the space issue will be taken care of, the same can’t be said about the staff’s morale. There was a spring in the step of everyone at Old Trafford when Ratcliffe arrived. However, their newfound morale has died down and the staff is now disgruntled.

Manchester United part owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not happy with the club's facilities.
Manchester United part owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not happy with the club’s facilities.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe might be taking an approach that is too harsh for Manchester United, but no one’s going to complain for too long if it helps the team get back to their winning ways. It’ll be interesting to see how Ratcliffe’s changes affect the team’s performance in the long run.