Manchester United and Man City repeat 139-year-old feat after making FA Cup final

Manchester United and Man City have created history in the FA Cup

Manchester United and Man City are all set to face off in the FA Cup finals next month. Erik ten Hag may have failed on all other hands but somehow he has found himself in the FA Cup finals again.

Moreover, he will be part of a truly iconic matchup. The Red Devils and the Blues have recreated a remarkable feat that last took place 139 years ago. As pointed out by Squawka, for the first time in over a century, we will be getting a Manchester United vs Man City finals in the FA Cup.

A lot of people are counting Erik ten Hag out. Man United have failed the eye test and now people don’t think they have enough to take out what might be the best team in the world at the moment, Man City.

Man United have already lost to Pep Guardiola twice this season. They were dominated and lost 3-0 back in October. March wasn’t too fortunate for them either and the Red Devils lost again after the game concluded at 3-1.

There is no reason to believe the result will be different when the two teams face each other this time. The players and coaches will be the same and Ten Hag’s team still doesn’t have an identity so their gameplan won’t change a lot either.

However, Man United can be surprising at times, especially when they’re coming off a loss and their last few months have been filled with nothing but disappointments and unfavorable results. So, we could be getting a cinematic game of football.

Will Erik ten Hag finally beat Pep Guardiola in the FA Cup?
Will Erik ten Hag finally beat Pep Guardiola in the FA Cup? (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

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Hopefully, this final will be different than the last few matchups we’ve seen between the two teams. Instead of parking the bus, Erik ten Hag should tell his team to go out and take the initiative.