Man United star avoids Jadon Sancho repeat with Erik ten Hag as club deal with matter ‘internally’

Manchester United avoid another Sancho situation thanks to Erik ten Hag

The fallout between Manchester United coach, Erik ten Hag and Jadon Sancho was so bad that the winger had to spend four months away from football for his actions. Recently another Old Trafford star walked in the footsteps of the English winger.

Alejandro Garnacho was subbed off at halftime during the game against Bournemouth. Following the conclusion, the Argentine liked two social media posts that were criticizing the Dutchman.

Fans were quick to catch him in the act and as expected the club has taken action against Garnacho. Now the Argentine winger was taken off because he just wasn’t up to the mark during that game.

Erik ten Hag spoke about the change following the conclusion and mentioned that he needed to ‘fix’ the right side. This doesn’t seem like a dig at Garnacho but even if it was, the Dutchman has every right to criticize his players.

So, it is highly unprofessional of the young star to like posts that criticise the team’s manager. The Mirror reports that the matter has already been dealt with internally. It seems like things are now good between Ten Hag and Garnacho.

It is being reported that Manchester United feels Alejandro’s mistake wasn’t as huge as the one made by Sancho, who outright called out the Dutchman on social media for lying. While it was hilarious it was also unprofessional.

Alejandro Garnacho should try answering Erik ten Hag on the pitch.
Alejandro Garnacho should try answering Erik ten Hag on the pitch.

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It is good to see the club has dealt with the situation internally, there seems to be a change in how the club handles things as Rashford’s issue earlier this year was also handled internally.