Liverpool star warns Manchester United that Reds will try to ‘control the crowd’ at Old Trafford and learn from FA Cup ‘lesson’

Liverpool goalie issues warning to Old Trafford crowd ahead of league clash against Man United

Liverpool FC’s Irish shot-stopper Caoimhin Kelleher spoke about how his first-ever appearance at Old Trafford did not go his way, and the crowd had a huge part to play in that showdown between the juggernauts.

The Red Devils edged out a 4-3 win against Liverpool in the FA Cup a couple of weeks ago, to knock Jurgen Klopp’s men out of the competition in stoppage time. Kelleher spoke about that match, learning from it to ensure the same does not happen in the league encounter. Here is what he told the Mirror:

“It was a good lesson. It was my first time playing at Old Trafford – and you could feel the crowd. It’s similar to Anfield in that respect. But we have to manage that better. We will go there and try to control the crowd as much as we can.”

While Liverpool would hope to avenge their loss in that game, United should take to that game to seek inspiration from their own performance. While Erik ten Hag’s men were surely outplayed in terms of creating chances, the Red Devils were simply more clinical on the night and that is the reason United are still in the competition and Liverpool are not.

What a game at OT last time around against Liverpool.
What a game at OT last time around against Liverpool.

OT crowd will breathe down his neck!

Kelleher’s remarks indicate a proactive approach from Liverpool in managing the hostile environment at Old Trafford. By acknowledging the challenges posed by the crowd and focusing on better crowd control, Liverpool aim to maintain their composure and performance levels throughout the match.

If only Roy Keane’s compatriot knew that it is not so easy to “control the crowd” at Old Trafford. The significance of this game extends beyond just the points on offer. For United fans, this fixture certainly holds immense weight and significance, with the rivalry between the two clubs adding an extra layer of intensity to the encounter.

The atmosphere at Old Trafford is sure to be electric, with passionate fans from both sides eager to make their presence felt. Controlling the crowd in such a high-stakes match will certainly be a daunting task, as emotions run high and tensions simmer on the pitch.

Not another one of these high blood pressure games please!
Not another one of these high blood pressure games please!

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With both teams vying for supremacy and bragging rights, the battle at Old Trafford promises to be a fiercely contested affair. As the players take to the field, all eyes will be on how they handle the pressure and intensity of the occasion. In such a charged atmosphere, maintaining composure and focus will be crucial for United as they seek to emerge victorious against their arch-rivals once again.