“Bit like Jude Bellingham when he was young”—Manchester United star makes huge Kobbie Mainoo claim

Manchester United star Harry Maguire tips Kobbie Mainoo to become the next Jude Bellingham.

England defender Harry Maguire has been a mentor figure to 18-year-old Kobbie Mainoo at Manchester United, and he believes the youngster is ready for international duty with England.

Mainoo has shown promise since making his Premier League debut for Manchester United in November. Maguire has taken him under his wing, and there are several images of the two together. Maguire now feels confident that Mainoo could earn a spot in England’s squad for the upcoming Euros, alongside other young talents like Jude Bellingham from Real Madrid.

Manchester United star Harry Maguire tips Kobbie Mainoo to become the next Jude Bellingham..
Maguire claims they found their next Jude Bellingham

According to The Daily Mail, Maguire insists Mainoo is ready and will have no fear going into the tournament:

“I don’t see why not, To play at a major tournament, obviously, it’s big to have experience but also the young boys do come in and sometimes they play with no fear and they can excel in that way.”

‌”I don’t have any concerns whatsoever. It’s incredible he’s (only) 18, he’s so mature. He’s a bit like Jude was when he was a young boy. He’s got everything, he can handle the ball brilliantly. He’s really strong, powerful, and you can see the progression to play that role, especially for Manchester United.”

This wouldn’t mark the first occasion where a promising talent burst onto the scene just before a major tournament, reminiscent of Marcus Rashford’s emergence as a teenager at United prior to the 2016 Euros.

Remarkably, Rashford, now one of the senior figures at Old Trafford, alongside Maguire, is actively involved in mentoring Mainoo, underscoring their shared responsibility in nurturing young talent at the club.

Manchester United star Harry Maguire tips Kobbie Mainoo to become the next Jude Bellingham..

Mainoo has been outstanding this season

The statement highlights the confidence and support that Maguire has in Kobbie Mainoo’s abilities. Maguire’s comparison of Mainoo to Jude Bellingham, another young talent who has excelled at the top level, further emphasizes his belief in Mainoo’s potential.

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It’s evident that Maguire sees Mainoo as a mature and talented player who can handle the pressure of playing at a major tournament like the Euros. Overall, Maguire’s words reflect his trust in Mainoo’s abilities and his willingness to support and mentor him as he navigates his career.

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