Gary Neville puts Jamie Carragher in his place about Liverpool & Man City being best rivalry in the Premier League era

Gary Neville was quick to correct Jamie Carragher when he claimed that Liverpool vs Man City is the best Premier League rivalry

Former Manchester United skipper, Gary Neville was not happy about the comments made by Jamie Carragher. The latter proclaimed that Liverpool vs Man City is the best rivalry of the Premier League era.

The Red Devils were once the most dominant team in England back when Sir Alex Ferguson was still at the helm. So, for Carragher to declare that Liverpool vs Man City is the better rivalry is a bit of an outrage.

Showing his love for United, Neville ripped into the pundit and said his statements were false. Let’s have a look at what else he had to say while speaking on Sky Sports.

“Carragher’s statement that Liverpool-Manchester City over the last six years is the greatest rivalry is offensive. From 1998 to 2004, Arsenal won three titles and Manchester United won four, there was blood, thunder, quality.”

Gary Neville added that over the last six years, Liverpool has only won one title while Man City has won five. So, the rivalry between the Reds and the Blues would seem more appropriate if people referred to it as a one-sided demolition.

The former Red Devil was also upset with Ian Wright. The former Gunner was standing right next to Carragher when he made the statement but held his silence. However, Manchester United does not need their rivals to defend them.

Gary Neville has always been quick to stand up for Manchester United.
Gary Neville has always been quick to stand up for Manchester United.

Say what Carragher might, no one can deny that Manchester United vs Liverpool from 98 to 2004 was one of the greatest rivalries. Both teams featured some of the best players in the world at that time and there was a fierce hatred or competitive spirit between the two.

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