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The Erik ten Hag Disaster: All The Wrong Records He’s Breaking For United

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag (Image: PETER POWELL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Erik ten Hag isn’t making a good name for himself. Man U fans have aged approximately 20 years as they try to stay loyal to the club that was once the mighty Red Devils, the conquerors of the Premier League, the proud owners of 13 Premier League titles since the top flight of football changed its name in 1992. 

Before that? Still iconic. Before ten Hag? Still iconic? Now? Well, it’s a shambles, let’s be real. 10th in the Premier League, on the verge of knock-out from the Champions League, dealing with Sancho scandals off the back of the Ronaldo drama. Can it get any worse for ten Hag and his team?

You have to wonder, what’s life like at Old Trafford? These players are some of the elite, the best of the best, and they’re being dragged through the media mud because they simply can’t gel as a team and play united. 

Perhaps the worst media storm is the circulating news of all the records ten Hag has broken – none are good. 

Read on to find out what he’s achieved.

The Galatasaray Loss

The most recent. The most agonising. The one that made us question what is going on? Allowing Galatasaray to win on English soil for the first time in 117 years. 117! People were buoyed by the odds on websites like because, surely, that was the game to win, United were favourites. It was an awful one to watch. Oh, and don’t forget, Man U conceding goals against Galatasaray in the Champions League meant it broke a demoralising streak of the team not scoring a Champions League goal since 2015.

More Champions League Troubles

Staying along the lines of the Champions League, Man U had never started an opening campaign with two back-to-back defeats. The first was a 4-3 defeat to the mighty Bundesliga champions, Bayern and the second to Galatasaray. Fair enough – that was a tough game to win, but it just adds to the records. 

More…Champions League Troubles

We conceded seven goals in the first two games of the Champions League. Full stop.

One Final Champions League Trouble

It’s another goal statistic for you. Man United hadn’t conceded four goals in one fixture in 28 years. They are soon to play Copenhagen on October 24, and, honestly, if they lose to Copenhagen (who currently have one Champions League point, one more than Man U), then there might well be a fair few fans who give up hope.

Ok, Onto The Premier League

We were already having a tough time as fans before the Champions League. The Champions League only made it unbearable to see the mighty Red Devils play. But the Premier League? Well, that’s the one that had us thinking: who are we? Where is Sir Alex Ferguson, please? First on the list of records – ten Hags management has allowed us to lose four of the first seven games.

 To put it into perspective, Wolverhampton Wanderers, the current relegation candidates after losing many of their top players over the summer, have also lost the same number of games. The statistic means it’s the worst start to Man U’s Premier League campaign since 1989.

This One Stings

This Manchester United squad are the first to have ever conceded two goals in the first four minutes of a game at Old Trafford, our home ground. Still, that record came at the game against Nottingham Forest, which we eventually won, but still, come on! 

A Final One For You

There is more to talk about, but you might be crying by now, cursing us, or debating whether to start supporting City. Heathen! You can shed tears through this link if you like. This one is the cherry on the cake to finish off. The consecutive losses against Galatasaray and Crystal Palace mean Man U has accumulated six losses in the first ten games. The last time that happened was in 1986. 

Are you still a Man U fan? Of course, you are. That’s the tormenting rollercoaster football takes you on. No matter how much the team fails, you prevail. Are you crying now? Of course, you are. Will you watch the next game? Of course, you will!