Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka picks Real Madrid legend as player he would like to play alongside from the past

Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan Bissaka names French legend as his favourite player

In a video released by Premier League on YouTube, Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan Bissaka named Zinedine Zidane as his favourite player. When asked “Which player, past or present, would you pick to play alongside and why?” Wan Bissaka answered it with Zidane’s name.

It might be because Zidane was a fantastic attacking midfielder who performs the same thing Wan Bissaka’s rivals do and Wan Bissaka wants to challenge the strikers with his jaw-dropping slide tackles. This may be the motivation behind our right-back’s desire to team up with the French icon.

Zidane’s injury during the 2002 World Cup still resonates in our memories. He only got a chance to play in the third group game, his leg bandaged. Unfortunately, it was too late for France, as they faced a humiliating defeat and were knocked out of the tournament.

Let’s not forget the emotional rollercoaster of 2006. Zidane came out of retirement, capturing the hearts of the French nation with his sublime displays against Spain and Brazil. However, the tournament ended in shock with the infamous headbutt in the championship game.

Zinedine Zidane is Aaron Wan Bissaka's favourite player. (Credit: AP)
Zinedine Zidane is Aaron Wan Bissaka’s favourite player. (Credit: AP)

So, when we consider Wan Bissaka’s choice to name Zidane as one of his favorites, it all starts to make sense. Zinedine Zidane, during his time at Real Madrid, occasionally left his coaching tracksuit and clipboard behind to join his players in practice. When he took over as their manager in June 2014 at the age of 41, his natural talent with a ball remained undeniable.

In his illustrious playing career, which began at the Cannes academy and concluded at Real Madrid, Zidane amassed a treasure trove of titles. He retired as an all-time great in 2006 after clinching three FIFA World Player of the Year honors, three domestic championships, a Champions League trophy, and a World Cup.

Zidane’s one full season as a manager in Spain’s third division presented more challenges than Pep Guardiola’s rapid ascent through the industry, eventually landing him the Barcelona job after guiding their B team to promotion in 2008.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka of Manchester United. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)
Aaron Wan-Bissaka of Manchester United. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

By securing Wan Bissaka’s future at Old Trafford, Manchester United can gain more leverage and potentially secure a favorable transfer fee if he decides to move on.

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We genuinely hope that Wan Bissaka’s injuries aren’t too severe, and he can recover swiftly to continue his quest for redemption. Currently, he’s striving to meet expectations in a season marked by more losses than successes for Manchester United.