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The Foremost and Potential iGaming Sponsors of Manchester United

Gambling confidently enters the top 10 world sports sponsors. The appearance of a sponsor’s logo on the uniform of a Premier League, NHL, or even National Football League team is a standard manifestation of a collaboration. 

Moreover, it will automatically bring business results. And when a football player of Manchester United plays in a uniform with a gambling logo, this is a success and a guaranteed increase in the product’s profitability.

Current Partners of The Red Devils

In recent years, sports contracts of Manchester United have changed, adapted, and digitized, so gambling sponsors can often be seen on a football uniform, on a stadium screen, or during an interview. The Red Devils are no exception and have been cooperating with two top British companies for a long time.


Betfred is one of the most famous bookmakers in the world. What is most known about it is that it is one of the oldest bookmakers, and they have been operating for over 55 years. Betfred is currently the official partner of Manchester United and a few British stadiums.

The bookmaker focuses on the offline segment because it has about 1000 offices, most of which are in Britain. The online segment is also present and has been doing it successfully for 21 years since the launch of the first online platform in 2002.

As a result, it is difficult to say who initiated the contract between Manchester United and Betfred. On the one hand, the club’s management saw the excitement of gambling fans. On the other hand, perhaps Betfred did not want to miss the promising FC.


While Betfred is the most famous bookmaker, Betfair is the world’s biggest and most established Red Devils sponsor. Betfair is constantly developing and can offer its customers a full range of online gambling services.

But the main feature of the company is still sports betting. Unlike Betfred, the Betfair bookmaker is actively promoting online, so it is obvious why the management of Manchester United signed a contract with them. 

This is a monopolist of the profile market: most sports betting players interested in this register on Betfair’s official website sooner or later. The company has an excellent reputation, so football club fans do not have to worry about money and safety.

Potential Partners of Manchester United

It would be illogical for Manchester United management to limit itself to just two gambling sponsors and partners. At least there is still room for sponsors’ logos on the football kit, so there are several more potential contracts.

Casino Deps

Although Betfair provides casino gaming opportunities, this is not their main feature. So having such a company as Casino Deps among the list of sponsors would be very beneficial. There must be a trusted platform like for fans to place their football bets or try their luck and opportunities in slot machines or other games.

Casino Deps is a licensed and honest provider whose management can actively promote the fundamentals and knowledge of responsible gambling. As a result, Manchester United fans will be sure that casino games are just a hobby and an opportunity to spend their free time in comfort.

Sky Group

Probably many have heard of the Sky Group, even outside of Britain. At the very least, you might have heard of Sky News, the British 24-hour television news channel. Sky Group is a huge company known for allocating resources and budgets wisely and correctly.

Their activities in Britain are also distributed to Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Most of these countries are known for their football fans and the football community so this partnership will be the most promising for Manchester United.

It will be promising in terms of finances and a stable relationship. After all, Sky Group is a British company, so supporting one of the top national football clubs will boost the sport and popularization of their TV conglomerate.

The Final Word

Sports sponsorship is a vital part of the communication strategy of companies and football clubs. The partner company, such as Sky Group, does not have to be associated with football, sports, etc. But still, for Manchester United to have a closer sponsor, like the potential Casino Deps or the already existing Betfair, is very necessary. 

Sponsorship will allow the football club to communicate with the community in different situations and promote their ideas, new opportunities, and interests, positively influencing the fan base and opportunities for improvement. Celtic FC partnership already shows a similar experience, so the Red Devils and Casino Deps only need to take the first step.

Written by Saiyed Karim

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