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Kobbie Mainoo: A New Rising Star of Manchester United

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Manchester United youngster Kobbie Mainoo signs new long-term contract.

While fans are still under the impression of Ronaldo’s high-profile exit from Manchester United, the football club seems to have decided to start a new round in its development and bet on young players.

On January 10, the match with Charlton Athletic took place, and attentive fans could not help but notice the appearance of Kobbie Mainoo.

It was the debut of the 17-year-old midfielder in the “senior match,” and we can say that it was a huge success for the FC and the athlete.

Athlete’s Previous Successes & Contract with Manchester United

Kobbie has been in big football since the age of 15, and he became part of the U-17 youth team in 2021, and the coaches could not fail to note the talent of the young player.

In October of the same year, the athlete participated in 5 matches and scored one decisive goal. In May 2022, he signed a contract with a professional team: during training, the guy showed incredible success, which was the impetus for the fact that at the beginning of 2023, he was able to enter the field as a team member.

As a midfielder, Mainoo has demonstrated technicality, vision, and teamwork skills. The football player has already shown his perseverance during youth clubs games, so he is predicted to have a great future in professional sports.

Both football lovers and betting fans are likely to make him favorite during the following matches. After all, it’s impossible not to notice his energy and passion for the game. Who knows, maybe he will be the next Ronaldo?

Impressive Performance During the Contest with Charlton Athletic

The athlete’s debut at Manchester United was quite successful. During the match with Charlton Athletic, Kobbie worked well both in offense and defense, which shows that he is a skillful player. He completed 23 pass attempts, and one of them was really beneficial for the whole team.

He touched the ball 35 times during the match, and viewers definitely paid attention to his performance, even though he cannot be considered the key FC player. Overall, he spent 60 minutes on the field, which is a considerable result for a young footballer.

Ten Hag, the main team’s coach, mentioned the player’s accomplishments after the match, saying that Kobbie really deserved to be a part of this team. The Manchester Evening News journalist noticed the guy’s success back in 2022, noting that the football player is the most followed athlete of the year, and his potential has yet to be revealed.

Well, it’s hard to deny his initial talent, but it’s worth noting that Mainoo trains hard and knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

Playing in the first team of Manchester United at the age of 17 is already a huge achievement, so we are convinced that this guy will be able to surprise football fans even more in the future!