Do Manchester United Need to Replace David De Gea?

There have been rumours about De Gea being replaced for a while now, but only recently have said utterings begun to get loud enough to warrant real attention. 

For one reason or another, the subject of Man United replacing De Gea has become the talk of the town throughout the past few months and weeks, and we are going to be delving into this topic and taking a look at whether or not it has any viability in this article.

Manchester United earmark Robert Sanchez as a potential replacement for David De Gea.
Manchester United earmark Robert Sanchez as a potential replacement for David De Gea. (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

De Gea’s Performance Has Dwindled Over The Years 

While De Gea was once known for being one of the best goalkeepers in the world, it seems as though that spark he once had has gone, and his performance seems to worsen every year that passes. 

Keeping a player on the team purely because they used to be a world-class player is not a viable option. At one point or another, United are going to have to sit down and have a serious talk about De Gea’s viability going forward.  

De Gea’s 2023 transfer window would be the prime opportunity for Manchester United to rid themselves of this once-famous goalkeeper if they so desire, and in all likelihood, this is exactly what is going to happen. 

Don’t get us wrong; nothing could take away from De Gea’s legacy.

He will always be remembered as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, and even though it may come across as if we are avid De Gea conspirators, this is not the case. 

There is a good reason why United’s odds take a hit every time De Gea features in a game – he is just not able to keep up with his former self, and he may even be holding Manchester United back. It’s just the truth.

2023 May Be De Gea’s Last Year At Man United

In case you were not aware; De Gea’s contract with Manchester United comes to an end sometime in 2023. This means that United would have to go out of their way to renew their contract with De Gea, and if this doesn’t come to fruition, 2023 could be the last time we ever see De Gea at United.

On top of this, there are also a plethora of suitable De Gea replacement candidates that could fill in his shoes and perhaps do a better job, and in all likelihood, it would not be a surprise to find out that United are weighing up their options right now.

De Gea’s time with United is drawing to its natural conclusion, and unless Manchester United decides to renew their contract with De Gea (something which is not very likely to happen), then we could be set to get a new long-term United goalkeeper much sooner than you may have expected. 

So, for the first time in history, it turns out all of the rumours you may have been hearing online may turn out to be true.

The prospect of Man United replacing De Gea becomes more and more likely every day, and unless any significant changes are made, we are likely going to see the switch happen next year.

De Gea has played an integral role in bringing Man United to where it is today, and no one is saying that he will not be missed.

However, it seems as though De Gea’s replacement is just the natural course of action, and the chances of this being announced within the next few months increase in direct proportion to how long is left until his contract runs out. Stay tuned.