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Man United ownership asking price to interested bidders

Simon Jordan rips into Manchester United legend Gary Neville regarding the Glazers.
The Glazers have few supporters at Manchester United.

The Glazers are seeking £3.75bn to sell Manchester United

According to The Sun, it is claimed that the Glazer family are finally ready to bid adieu to their time at Manchester United and would be willing to sell the club if the interested party forks out a fee of £3.75billion.

The Glazers family have been at the receiving end of fan outbursts and protests over their turmoiled 17-year reign as owners of the club and have been asked innumerable times by fans and former players to leave the seat.

One of the major arguments against the Glazer regime has been in relation to the way the ownership of the club is structured. Out of the 20 teams that contest in the Premier League, Manchester United are the only club that pays annual dividends to the owners.

In simpler terms, instead of allocating money to improve the club, the Glazers actually take the profit out of the revenue generated by Manchester United and have until now taken a tune of £1bn out of the club.

The Glazers seeking £3.75bn to sell Manchester United.
Manchester United fans have come out in force against the Glazers

Hence, the frustration amongst the fans is reasonable as we have witnessed the fall of a successful dynasty created by Sir Alex Ferguson and former owner David Gill.

Coinciding with the fact that Manchester United declined rapidly from the powerhouse it used to be, we have seen our rivals club such as Manchester City and Liverpool build their teams from strength to strength and are now deservedly levels above United.

Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has been vocal about his time at Manchester United and we should have paid more deed when he justified his stance of coming 2nd in the league with United as one of the biggest achievements of his life and the role of the Glazers at the club.

“I keep saying this because people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes,”

The Glazers seeking £3.75bn to sell Manchester United.
Jose Mourinho claimed that the owners had a major part to play in the club’s decline.

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in the world with a humungous fanbase. In spite of very little on-field success, the commercial side of the club generates a hefty revenue and the Glazers are aware that interested parties would be willing to pay a huge dime to buy the club.

According to Daily Mail (h/t the Sun) Lifelong United fan Sir Jim Radcliffe has already publicly stated his desire to buy the club from the Glazers and end their turmoiled reign. It remains to be seen whether he would be willing to pay the required amount.

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Dubai has seen Abu Dhabi take control of Manchester City with Saudi Arabia recently acquiring Newcastle United and as speculated, the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed might be interested in taking ownership of Manchester United.

We all have seen the rise of Manchester City since the arrival of its new ownership and Newcastle are already looking a lot better within a year of the new ownership.

If we are to compete at the top, we would need owners who are willing to invest in the team without the indulgence of generating profits out of it and Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed with a net worth of around £12.2bn certainly has the capability and resources to do it.

Written by Yuvraj Singh

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