Man United to enlist ‘master planner’ to execute exciting new Old Trafford upgrade

Manchester United have big plans to modify Old Trafford and Carrington

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United have sounded out to hire a master planner to make their new plans for Old Trafford a reality.

The stadium is one of the game’s most recognizable arenas and has served as the theatre for some of the Premier League’s best teams under Sir Alex Ferguson. It is however in need of a makeover and it would appear that plans are underway to do just that.

The Glazers are keen to bring about an uplift to the stadium and are ready to bring in a master planner for the task. While no organization/ person has been selected yet, it appears to be something in the works.

Manchester United have sounded out to hire a master planner to make their new plans for Old Trafford a reality..
Old Trafford is in line for a much-needed makeover.

The Red Devils are keen to ensure that the stadium remains consistently full. It remains extremely likely that the theatre of dream’s maximum capacity will cross the 80,000 mark. Not every team can fill such a stadium on a regular basis but then we are Manchester United.

As things stand, Man United have been presented with several proposals and are close to making their decision. Meetings have already been held with architectural and engineering companies and have several ‘exciting’ ideas in the offing.

Both general admission and corporate areas will not only be revamped but also extended. Several changes in infrastructure are also to be expected both within and around the stadium.

It is not just Old Trafford that is in for a makeover. The club is also overseeing a revamp of their Carrington training complex and aims to turn it into an elite training complex. The goal is to turn it into an integrated facility that can accommodate the men’s, women’s and academy sides.

Manchester United have sounded out to hire a master planner to make their new plans for Old Trafford a reality..
Carrington also will get a new look.

Any concerns that Man United will have to temporarily leave Old Trafford while work is carried out have also been dismissed. That comes as a relief considering our home support is our 12th man and what drives us on the pitch.

It is imperative that a club such as Manchester United do not just build a winning team on the pitch but also world-class facilities off it. Thankfully the owners and the management appear to have realized just that and are taking measures to do so.

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We invested well in the summer and it is good to see the Glazers putting money on other things as well. A club’s global image is conveyed through many things, including its stadium complex. Old Trafford is one of the most iconic stadiums in sports and it is only fitting that it gets a facelift with teams like Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United taking it up a level when it comes to having 21st Century arenas and facilities.

This would also come as good news to the local as well as international fans, considering there would be a considerable amount of added seats to accommodate some of them. A team like United will attract fans from around the world and with 80,000 odd people inside the Theatre of Dreams once the project is complete, the decibel levels would certainly get a big boost as well.