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Top 10 Manchester United Players Of All Time

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Every football fan knows that there are clubs where only the best players in the world come to show their skills. One such football club is Manchester United. Established in 1878, Manchester United is one of the most prestigious football clubs in the UK and worldwide. Many of the world’s greatest football stars have played for this club, and in this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 players who marked Manchester United’s history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Arsenal was only one step away from signing an 18-year old from Portugal when Manchester beat them to it. If the club owners of Arsenal knew at the time that that kid would grow up to be Christiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players of all time, they would have made a better offer. During his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo won three Premier League titles, a Champions League, the Club World Cup, and several other championships.

Peter Schmeichel

The ace in the sleeve for every major club in the world is a good goalkeeper, and for 8 years there was no one better for the job than Peter Schmeichel. Also known as “The Great Dane”, Peter was the one to introduce the star jump as a technique in goalkeeping.

Wayne Rooney

Michael Carrick dream team

With more than 250 goals and over 500 appearances, Wayne Rooney is a megastar in the UK. He’s the best scorer that this country has ever seen, and he managed to thrive in Manchester United and bring it the status of the epic club that it is. Rooney was transferred from Everton in 2004 and he played a major role in defeating the great Arsenal.

Owen Hargreaves

There is nothing better than seeing a football player from your country join one of the greatest teams of all time. And that is what happened when Owen Hargreaves joined United in 2007 as a midfielder. The sports betting fans from Canada were so proud of their fellow countryman, and the popularity of football increased in this country so much that even today many people still visit the due to that epoch to support the team. Hargreaves is remembered as a dedicated player who always made sure that his team had possession of the ball. Before joining the United he played for Bayern Munich.

Denis Law

Perhaps the younger generation of sports and betting fans don’t remember Dennis Law, but he was the one who established the club’s glory in the ‘60s. Dennis Law was among the first ones to win the Ballon d’Or in 1964. Moreover, he set the record for most goals, in that same year.

Paul Scholes

When we think about attacking midfielders of the ‘90s, the first one that comes to mind is Paul Scholes. He is still considered to be the best midfielder that England has ever produced. What fascinated football fans the most about this player is his desire for victory. During his career in the United, he made over 750 appearances.

Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona was a perfect combination of movement control and energetic temper. Add to this his unique talent and you get one of the best players that have ever been seen on English soil. His only flaw was his frequent fights with coaches and teammates.

Bobby Charlton

Bobby Charlton was famous in Manchester for many reasons. He was only 15 when he joined the club where he stayed for 17 seasons and had over 750 appearances. Also, he survived the Munich Air Disaster in 1958.

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs was one of those players that didn’t say much in front of the camera but spoke volumes on the pitch. Even though his debut wasn’t extraordinary, he was determined to prove his worth as the years went by.

Duncan Edwards

Duncan Edwards remains the youngest footballer that has ever played a top-flight match. He is considered to be one of the most talented English players of all time, and for a good reason. He made his debut against Scotland and remained one of the youngest players to do so until 1998.