“Water is wet”- Several fans ridiculously lambast Man United loanee in support of under-fire superstar

Manchester United fans critical of Dena Henderson performance against Newcastle United

The David de Gea versus Dean Henderson debate looks unlikely to go away any time soon.

Manchester United fans have taken to Twitter to lambast Dean Henderson for his disaster class against Newcastle United.

The on-loan United keeper could do little to stop the Magpies as they ran riot in the second half. The 23-year-old could have done better to stop two of the three goals but didn’t.

The David de Gea vs Dean Henderson debate rages on
David de Gea and Dean Henderson both had matchdays to forget

This drew the attention of United fans, who saw De Gea get attacked for his error against Tottenham Hotspur.

Twitter was awash with fans defending De Gea and criticizing Henderson. Tribalism is strong in the football world, but here we see the supporters divided between two players from the same team.

There is no denying that Henderson should have done better today. But that does not absolve De Gea off his mistakes.

Criticizing the youngster comes across as petty given he has beaten De Gea in all relevant parameters apart from passes completed – a statistic in which the Spaniard triumphs by an overwhelming margin.

United fans have been overtly critical of our players
United fans have been overtly critical of our players

Appreciating what we have!

De Gea is one of the finest goalkeepers to grace the English Premier League. At one point of time, he was undoubtedly the best in the business. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. As much as we celebrate his triumphs, we should also call him out for his mistakes.

The same goes for Henderson. He too will be judged similarly if ever he takes over as the United number one.

For now, arguments between fans on both players’ errors yield nothing and will help neither of them. If at all anything, it serves as fodder for rival fanbases.

We take a look at what fans told about Henderson’s performances today.

Twitter indulges in Dean Henderson vs David de Gea debate

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